Stay application



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Did I mention ?

Think it may be all over.


Think it maybe for your short Meg …


I bet we are only getting a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg. There’s probably alot of filth that has being going on at Frontera which has been kept under wraps.



The same could be said of many companies even FTSE listed companies.

If FRR pull this off then all is not forgotten with Zaza but may be forgiven

I’m not sure what today’s fuss is about, did we all know the case was weak in December hence the injunction was lifted. That’s when I had my meltdown.

Since then Zaza has said consolidation and relist and “don’t sell your shares”.

And today we’ve had a stay application which could be a indication that the judges recommendation is being followed and an oocs being reached.

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He that shall not be named had the begging bowl out so take this as a good sign.


Thanks for posting it fozzer, I should’ve posted here at the time!

One other point in the ‘unknowns’, but could go in the positives:

  • if the NY fund agree, Hope would have NO reason to veto it. It is on a delayed Senior Secured basis, and therefore, not immediately senior to OMF. Considering the MoU, and talks with BP, and it would resolve the companies financial situation, Hope really would be in breach of his fidicuary to veto.

Second point, and they are linked:

  • Would Hope accept, an immediate payment of $20m as an OOCS on his loan notes, considering he paid approx. $4m for them. I’d imagine he would, as if not, he’s never getting that kind of money out of FRR.

Which then meabs, he either accepts resigning from the BoD, or once OMF is retired, I believe he could be voted off, as it wouldn’t trigger a default anymore.


The judge seems very pragmatic, if FRR say they can pay Hope off within x time with 2m paid immediately I think the judge would sign off on it.

Let’s wait and see, I’m leaning towards oocs with today’s stay application.


Hope gets nothing otherwise. The asset reverts back to the GG. Why wouldn’t Hope play ball assuming theres cash on the table for him.


It sounds like theres some big bears exposed for some big numbers.

All the bears from social media and blogs will post on the boards with multiple ids. There very old school. Well it seems they are equally as animated as the bulls. Wonder why.


People are animated because it’s an interesting story. Ramping idiots on LSE and here have alot to answer for.


PJ are you invested here? If not your opinions are not required, irellevant and annoying!
Please leave this BB if not invested.
Thank you.


The fat lady is yet to sing Booster, let’s wait and see.


Toytaker, there’s a big group of well known bears that have played this. Some are currently over exposed.

Let’s see where this goes, something unscheduled and significant happened today.


Bears have not played it, the rampers were given fair warning of the dangers here but chose not to listen and have continually trashed alternative views.


Remember Fozz the judge made a judgement on the initial evidence. I remember the consensus of opinion was that FRR had quickly submitted just what was needed for the initial injunction. This is why it was generally accepted at the time that the injunction was naturally lifted and the appeal followed. Even on the bases of this limited evidence the judge has made some very intelligent and fair judgements. More evidence has followed on from that for sure. We actually know no more than we did this morning. Well to be fair I actually feel the bit more we do know is positive in that the judges fairness of approach is apparent. Also the limit of OUTRIDERS claim to only the 2m.


Will Zaza jettison shareholders to save his own skin.


TF none of us know what is going to happen from here so let’s just wait and see what the outcome of the court case is. Even if it is positive for me as an investor, I will still have to wait and see what the company does and if i get any money back. So I sit and wait and hope! AIM is always a gamble.


Booster there are hints of reason in your posts. Where has all the belligerent troll like behaviour gone. Danger of me hitting that little heart of yours if your not careful.