Stay application



Ill admit i got the super major wrong as it was BP and not Exxon


Any thoughts on the Geo politics of the region, move towards natrual gas and the value of Shah Deniz and further exploration of that giant gas play?



thefozzer - I wouldn’t get too excited, in legal terms a stay is purely a temp halt in proceedings.

It could be significant in that an agreement has been reached or it could merely mean a point of law requires further examination without prejudice to the parties involved.

Lets wait and see.


It’s reads to me as though FRR (plaintiff) have asked to halt proceedings, they have not asked for an extension to proceedings.

It’s a settlement brother. The question is does this settlement benefit shareholders.

Good luck.


An ooc settlement was always on the cards. Why would FRR risk their lifes work and considerable personal investment for 2m?

Time to start dreaming again brother.


On ii, jackpack has suggested that ‘others’ might mean FRR ‘and (it’s fully owned subsidiary) Frontera International Corporation’. Likewise, I suppose, Hope ‘and Outrider’. Seems quite likely, unfortunately.
But an impending OOCS is still the most likely explanation of the stay, IMO.


Ask yourself why is a “Chartist” and i use the term very loosely because this “chartist” called oil below $20 can you believe that, be posting on a Sunday ?


You got everything wrong fozzy !

You the one locked into this POS…not the chartist.

Just sayin’…


You sound like you’re a little rattled PJ.

Sleep well, I will.



Don’t matter how you sleep fozzy…you’re money has gone.


I told you about QFI…you laughed…I was right.

I told you about FRR…you laughed…I was right.

There’s a pattern here…

You laugh a lot…and you’re always wrong !



Drop me a WhatsApp message as we must now be boring the board although it is the weekend.

Your two big calls were

This will NEVER reach 0.49p before it hits 0.09 and oil is going to 20 bucks.

The only certainly in life is that nothing is certain.

Sleep well :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Gentleman, come Monday I promise not to respond to PJ as I appreciate it’s a little tedious.

Great week ahead I think. Best of luck.


I said FRR would go below 0.06…it did.

Oil will go ‘below’ 20 bucks.

Sleep well



Stop deluding yourself. You said FRR would “NEVER” go past 0.49p and that 0.09p would be taken out.

Now you’re saying FRR will never relist.

Hmmmm I’m no chartist but me thinks there’s a pattern emerging :rofl::rofl::grin::grinning::grinning:

Anyway I really have to go but talk next weekend :smiley:


I think the Patten is





You said FRR would never go past 0.49…

Err No I didn’t fozzer…if you’re going to quote me…do it correctly.

Night night



You did say that FRR would never go past 0.49p and that it would hit 0.09 before that ever happened.

Stop embarrassing yourself.



Can I quote you on the FRR will never relist your moneys gone post?


No I didn’t fozzy…you don’t get charting.

You can quote me on this…‘you’re money has gone.’

Stop dreamin’…forget the courts ( they don’t affect you’re lost money)…and get a good nights sleep.


Well PJ, the whole BB knows what you wrote and now you really are just showing yourself up.

Anyway, that’s me done conversing with you untill next week as it’s not fair me cluttering up the board with dross.

Ta raa ra