Stop buybacks and pay higher div



City have a ceiling for B’s share price and it’s unlikely to be broken , unless takeover, so boost the div by stopping £150m buybacks and redirect the money to paying more dividend


The dividend is paid 31st January but the buybacks are before - shareholders should be paid during same time of the buyback.


Do you think anyone is listening Stutes?

Frog in a tree


Sad that you are so dismissive and happy to accept the status quo when you are a shareholder who has a vote and voice. It’s up to you to use it but don’t criticize others for exercising their rights of freedom of speech, etc.


I avoid retail stocks and hence not a shareholder of burberry. I was just wondering what difference another of your moans will make when viewed by such a small audience.



I am a shareholder so I’m exercising my freedom of speech, etc. I understand Brexit means an end to 4 freedoms but basic UK freedoms remain so please don’t indirectly attack my rights


I am very happy for you to express your views Stutes. Just wondered who was listening. Do you attend shareholder meetings or raise your concerns with the CEO?