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2016 ? The Great Irish Share Valuation Project (Part IV):

Company: Botswana Diamonds (BOD:LN)

Last TGISVP Post: Here

Market Cap: GBP 6.7 M

Price: GBP 1.975p

Welcome back to The Never-Ending John Teeling Story? I had previously tagged BOD as worthless, so I?m gobsmacked to see it worth more today, at least in terms of market cap (share price is actually lower, but the share count doubled). Nothing?s changed?just more reports of ALROSA geologists wandering around Botswana, taking samples & finding the odd 1mm (that?s not a typo!) micro-diamond here & there. Sure, an ALROSA JV is impressive, but I?m beginning to wonder if it?s really just a staff holiday scheme for their (probably) badly paid geologists?put in a week or two on safari in Botswana, then head down to Durban?s Golden Mile for an all-expenses-paid getaway! The only impressive news is the appointment of James Campbell as MD ? his resume?s certainly exemplary, but it remains to be seen what he can do with something like BOD!? As for the company?s finances, they?re more appalling than ever ? annual cash burn will likely exhaust cash on hand (less net payables) some time in H1-2017:

(GBP 0.5 M Cash ? 0.1 M Net Payables ? 0.6 M Annual Cash Burn) / 338 M Shares = Zero

Yup, once again, BOD?s obviously worthless ? how they keep raising money is beyond me. It?s astonishing to think unrelated parties, i.e. the great unwashed, occasionally buy this stock. Have they ever looked at the price chart?what are they hoping for here, exactly?!

Price Target: Zero

Upside/(Downside): (100)%

For related links/graphs/files & other TGISVP analyses/price targets: Google the Wexboy investment blog.


Might have rethink my limit buy order set a few weeks back after reading this post from Wexboy.
Its moved up and away from my target in any case.
Growth at a reasonable rate ( GARP ) … Peter Lynch ‘Magallan Fund’ Fidelity.
PEG ( Price - to earnings- growth )


I see SVS nominees own 5.02%
A Dr John Teeling company appears hes Ireland most prolific Director has record for listing company’s but prefers London to Dublin to do it.


Up 16% this morning spread 6.5%… read they have some connection to VAST .
The consolidation appears to be after the Wexboy post on 29th Dec 2016.
price then on chart the 1.975p now 0.79p.


Good rise today … this was 0.5 15th August 2019… 1.24 2nd October 2019 ( up 150 % )
Now dropped a little to 1.2 … one Castaway is saying buy !


Heading back down to last weeks placing price .
Castaway messaged be back he was still very keen !!!

Botswana Diamonds will issue 41.7 million shares at 0.6 pence per share to fund ongoing exploration activities in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa as well as to provide additional working capital for the company.


Should of went for it two weeks back up 40% today .

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