The conundrum



Hi Tony,

I see some talk on LSE boards about the Patent timeline on MED, I know you check the trade marks but do you have anything on the status / how to check the patents that we can find online?

I could find FUM’s list here ( Applicant: FUTURA MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS LTD [GB])

No clue what to do with it to find a status or date.


In the good old days when Mr Barder replied to shareholders’ emails I asked him about the patent issue. Unfortunately I can’t find the reply but if I remember rightly he said there were no specific timelines, and in one country (unspecified) the patent was still pending after 9 years.

He went on to emphasise he thought it more important to establish a strong brand name (trade mark) as these are protected forever, being renewed every 10 years. I suppose a good example of brand names v patents is Viagra. Viagra is the brand name for the patented product Sildenafil whose patent is expiring in several countries, but the brand name Viagra owned by Pfizer is forever protected (although counterfeits are rife). I guess the vast majority of Viagra users will continue to buy Viagra despite cheaper Sildenafil products coming to market being sold under different brand names because Viagra is a well known trusted brand.

Back to the actual patent issue, I remember the general tone of Mr Barder’s reply that there were no real concerns. Sorry I’m not of any help!