Awaiting judgement ….one year and four months. Why so protracted.?
For a case where fiduciary governance and responsibility towards retaining & increasing shareholder value is clearly covered by stock investment guidance and standard regulations.


Further…Due diligence and actual fraud are also factors that have to be considered.


The HBoS Disaster. CONTINUED
It’s now 18 months since case summation.
Has justice stopped "grinding " ?
What has our J. Dept. done to a brilliant & hard working Judge.?


What can take so long to decide? Can it be over the following factors?
A) 10 Billion , Undisclosed ( Sunday Times / secret loan )
to an outfit you are taking over which is openly on the skids and under known financial duress?
B) Lack of proper /adequate Due Diligence (If any) to protect Corp value and trusting investors?
C) Unrealistic valuations of costs etc… ( By unqualified persons holding affiliation with outcome of takeover and to support grossly incorrect estimates?
D) Doubtful and contrived witness interests?
Anyone interested got any views or opinions ?


Or should I say
What has the B.O.E. done ?


" The fiduciary trusting"
Still awaiting justice… Nearly 11 years now.
Some very serious questions here.
And stock still in pence value; year 2019.


Understand that the Judge was assigned OFF this case? Duration unknown.
Details not forthcoming.
Some SERIOUS questions arise.
Ombudsman? Press?
Time for honest clarity.


THE HBOS disaster to Lloyds … Year 2008/9.
This is by any moral value is a TRAGEDY to the fiduciary trusting and long standing investors
An event that should never have occurred in any true banking annuls.
The judgement off this terrible circumstance is taking far too long.


And ONE person has had the fortitude and courage to step up and give an opinion.
Thank you.
(With so many sitting in fear licking their wounds.)


Lawson 75,
The take over of H.B.O.S. was a political decision! of all the U.K. clearing banks Lloyds was the one that refused to get involved in the subprime U.S.A. scandal.
So much so when the C.E.O. was asked why his bank, had not become involved in this lucrative market, he replied we are doing O.K. we do not need to become involved in questionable investments! It took the P.M. to get the Lloyds boss to change his mind!
So with this in the background I cannot see any movement in any investigation by anyone!
which is a contrast to what the Irish banking regulatory authorities did.


Note, as you advise, CEO (Daniels) under Prime Minister pressure; did, IN FACT, place Lloyds Bank into a “questionable investment” position in buying a failing HBoS … a known " subprime" victim.
A situation, as clearly outlined in trial testimony… without adequate or any protective Due Diligence… to enable honest BOD decision making.
Sad to say the least.
Thank you
PS. Understand Lloyds bank held-back expected financial sums from the CEO on his subsequent employment departure.


Each passing day without truth and justice is a day of life stolen from
the few that once believed in banking integrity and honesty.


Another passing day in Lloyds banking .
And still the “Few” await the truth of justice.


Time to move on


Lawson 75
It was widely mentioned that a person in high office was offered a Knighthood.
as a come on for Lloyds to forget subprime and take over HBoS…without any GoV
enquiry ……and their " sterling" nod of approval.
Old boy cocktail party talk with PM on record.
Side walk night time Board meetings without secretarial account stated.
And the list goes on ….and on.
A time of unbelievable greed and under the carpet collusion.
And still no truth in justice.


Justice ?
When ?
For the few (remaining ) who believed in Corporate truth and fiduciary governance.



Not unlike the e tire history of man.


How much longer can justice be denied from those ,who in all good faith, trusted in
lawful Corporate governance, fiduciary understanding & diligence to care for their hard earned savings and investment???
Nigh on twelve years…and counting.


Two years Oct 18…and still no judgement.
Soul destroying for the long suffering shareholders.


I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration to be fair. All the evidence is that excessive greed in hunter gatherer communities was stamped on, and stamped out, very quickly.

Excessive greed and sloth appears to have come along with the agricultural revolution, so we’re only looking at around 9-12,000 years of it, hardly the entire history of mankind!

Eadwig, sitting in cash an excessively bored.