Tipped... S.P



Hot stocks… Robert Tyerman… T. W .
not for first time.


Placing 6 Nov 2015 @ 0.014 says RNS ?


Hi Ripley94
Liked your message, what do you mean my multiples? 10p,20p or pounds…
I’m new to this and a friend gave me the name of this share to start my investing
As I had a look at 5 year chart, and we seem to be at the top of the historical price


Sorry spoky just saw your message in march think you might of mixed me up with another poster ??
Did you invest ?

Another placing RNS 2.3p ( 0.04 $ CDA ) …Share prophets hinting its good news ( silent over vast last Friday )
" Directors investing heavily " optiva involved loads of warrants CDA $ 0.05 .
New year resolution should be stay away from AIM … just to much hassle .


Never heard from spoky again ??
RNS today flagged up on share prophets.
Placing at 4.3p raise 6 M
Shows price increase above up 8% @ 5.00 to 5.25


Now sky high RSI!
Careful, as there is likely a retrace back to a healthy (balanced) chart level, round 5.90 - 6.10p.


Too late to be careful !. Just topped up at 6.72p.
This is one of the only specs I hold that is doing well.
Fingers firmly crossed.


That’s a tricky call to make. Listened to Vox Markets this morning where the chartist said that a pull back to around 6.00p was possible but could then expect upward movements to 7.25, 8.88 and 11.5p. So much newsflow anticipated that my view will be to keep holding. Good luck with what ever you decide.


…and 6.60p.

Not deramping, folkies! The Sp looks a bit overinflated since two or three weeks and will likely consolidate down to the long term up-trend lines.
Confirmation came today, with the Sp opened substantially higher, but instantly deflate and even close well below the opening.

Now retrace to 6.50p.
If this is breached, then final targets of 6.20p and 5.90p. LTHs are safe to hold as long as 5.80p is maintained.
(I will try come back in in three or four weeks time. Last entry was from 4.75p.)

Bearish harami:
“The Bearish Harami is a sign of disparity in the market?s health. The market is characterized by an uptrend and a bullish mood, and there is heavy buying indicated by a white body, which further supports the bullishness. However, the next day prices open lower or at the close of the preceding day and stay in a small range throughout the day, closing even lower, but still within the previous day?s body. Traders are now concerned about the strength of the market, due to this suddenly deteriorating trend.”


…and 6.40p, here we go.
Last trade: 6.5000

Lets see if there can be a new entry during the retrace next week. Sp right now simply overheated as said.


Last trade:

Chart outlook will be confirmed as soon as the psychological 6.50p line is breached.


Ongoing TA correction right now, back to a healthy level around 6.20p and maybe 5.90p.


Mid price

The smallish TA consolidation continues.


Despite the constant positive news flow…, that barrier as from 7.30 - 7.45p remains intact for some reason.


Intact ? Being torn apart just now !
Not counting chickens but …the feathers are flying.


Yepp, 8.03p have been paid for a second (888 shares).

Former barrier climbed and AT buys soaked in. Got to be alerted now because todays sudden gap might see a gap-closing in the next few days, back to about 7.40p, even if its merely an intraday low.
Good news: As long as the Sp stays above 7.30 - 7.40p, and starts to find grip from here. My trailing stop sells placed around 7.35p now.


Just my opinion, and trying to be a bit more exact:

  • 7.91p as the upper resistance right now (upper Bollinger band)
  • if this line is not surpassed today or tomorrow, then retrace to about 7.50 - 7.45p
  • all well as long as 7.30p is maintained


Anything above 8p signals continued momentum / new interest.

If 8p is ever breached, then retrace to 7.91 - 7.80p. (If this is breached, then it wants gap-closing around 7.40p, even if only by intraday spikes.)


Nice rebound after the “flush out downspike” yesterday morning! Quite nasty - and actually few newbie PIs have the means to survive a retrace from 12p down to 8.50p in a few days time. I hope everyone who’s done good research managed to hold on to his holding!

  • Long term support confirmed at 8.75p and 9.15p
  • Stable sideways as long as 9.15 are maintained
  • The current up-trend remains intact as long as 9.50 is maintained
  • first new buy signals when 9.75p is climbed (mid price) and sure thing bullish confirmation comes at 10.10p



…new buy signal if 10.25p is climbed (confirmed as from 10.65).