Todays RNS.



One of the reasons I get very frustrated and even angry at the Deltex management is that with results like these the product should be flying off the shelves and the sp should be soaring.
There is no getting away from the fact as myself and others have said many times, the product is a no brainer and with these results and similar prior results one has to continually look for reasons why it is not a medical product of the first order.

Most companies after a RNS such as this, would see their sp flying upward and more importantly staying there. But will be see this with Deltex, if so it will be a nice and unexpected change of direction.

Deltex Medical’s Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring System, reduces postoperative complications by 75 per cent.

75 per cent. fewer complications, significant reductions of between 75 per cent. and 100 per cent. in several specific major complications including acute kidney injury, acute pulmonary oedema, respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia, and both superficial and deep surgical site infection.

The number of patients suffering at least one post-operative complication was halved and median length of stay for patients in the GDHT group was two days shorter than the control group.



Those of us who have held DEMG for many years can recall many similar findings but the SP still falls. What is new this time?

Cheers, RAC


Nothing new, but it is yet another fantastic result, which looking at the sp already is not making much difference.

As said a few years ago, I only hold a token gesture but if I listened to my heart I would be back in with a serious holding, but my brain and previous experience has won and I will not be doing so.

You get the feeling that if Deltex solved the ever lasting life question, they would struggle to sell it.

More and more holders are facing the fact that Deltex have a serious problem and it’s not the product.