Toped up.






Was there a specific trigger that prompted your purchase? Is there a target price you have for subsequent disposal?

It seems that the sp is still falling, although some of the indicators show potential for a direction reversal. Most comment I have seen has been rather negative, and the sp targets set by most brokers seem to be quite low.


it just kept going through alerts i set.
had some spare cash, chose this for long term buy.


I hope your confidence in the long-term appeal is well placed. I bought another tranche a little too early so my price was not as good as yours, but at least it is in profit now. I am hoping that most of the current broker estimates are a little on the low side since I am targeting a return to the low 20’s.


Wanted some funds sliced twice first ( D ) 1727 ( could not get 1725 yesterday ) .
Patience !!!
Then in ( Si ) @ 1740. …just in ( Wi ) now.


Norway fund may have to offload Glencore, Anglo American stakes

Norway’s $1T sovereign wealth fund may have to sell its $1B stake in commodities giant Glencore under a center-right government plan expected to be adopted today by Norway’s parliament.

The fund would also have to sell its 2.16% holding in miner Anglo American, worth $620M.

The proposed tighter ethical investing rules would prohibit investments in companies that derive more than 30% of their revenue from coal, mine more than 20M tons of coal annually or generate more than 10 GW of power with coal.


The idea to slice some in ( W i ) a few days back when they passed 2265p a good one in hindsight today …dropped off since now 2185p
Still a good bit ahead of Eadwig post above when 2017p