topped today @ 52.36


And again @ 33.5 p… year on from last post !


I hear you Ripley … I hold a long(ish) term position here that is now 25%+ under water and I topped up recently at around 34p and again now at 32 odd p and would do the same again at 30p …

I’m hoping the II technical piece posted below is close to accurate and this does not go lower than 30p and then has a good bounce. (I’d dump some into a decent bounce)

I understand that this is kinda a dog, but ever dog has its day and its decent balance sheet and good cash position will allow it at least stumble along for a long while yet and hopefully in that time there will be some sort of rally for whatever reason e.g. more control of fleet size is a meaningful thing imho

Or maybe a bigger player swallows it up: there needs to be more consolidation in the airline industry and this could be categorised as cheap … or maybe even a strategic merger with other smaller player eg Stobart etc


On reflection, as Stobart is now nearly 15 times the market capitalisation of flyb and as they have recently announced a small working arrangement together why not Stob in due course just go the whole hog and buy Flyb towards growing out its aviation business?


Just noticed STOB possible offer 22/02/18… price shot up to 47 and has stayed there.
I’m to busy.


My respect to Nice to Michu on my tread he called this spot on last June ( 8 months before )


The spread was as big as the drop at open back down to pre offer news price.
Noticed some sells and little drop yesterday.


Thanks for the shout out Ripley and in my mind it’s, conceptually, a bit of a pity Stobart haven’t been able to get this over the line…but as we don’t know the figure they went too towards trying to get this done it’s not a discussion that’s worth having imho…

I sold a third of my position for a nice profit in mid 40’s here just in case but will sit on rest and will watch to see if the board are rejecting because they are genuinely turning this business around now… and there are signs that this is turning around… the next update will be very important to that end … if a meaningful turn around is ongoingly visible this year then this could readily enough make 70p this year imho… but its history of underachievement is scary… project blackbird and the rest…


Well done, ntm, you did what I thought I should do as I also bought a stack at low 30’s, but did not as I thought the bid would go ahead and that otherwise the business turnaround plan was a floor - which indeed it is but back at the previous level.

A good trade on which I missed out!!


A fall of 38 % today now half the price of previous low last 10 years .
Notice no risk grade available .


Put itself up for sale yesterday 14th November , ( Brexit deal day ) …FT says both Stobart & Easy Jet interested but share price has stayed flat if not dropped back by Thursday 15th .
Now 11.5p.


Take off today up 35 % … Virgin mentioned , and IAG , Sunday times .


Went to 22.10p offer time, 16.34p today and Winifrith says short


Spread on ( D ) 15.58 / 16.2 could not set limit within it.
Sold on ( X ) none left with them now @ 15.906 … ( 2 % below winnys tip )


Got back 51 % ( D ) @ 15.25p ( 4 lots )
Lucky buys @ 19.2p just after open next day ( 25 % )


Away just seen.
RNS this morning an offer @ 1p… -77%
Thank God i only got 51% back 18th Dec , and i had thought mistake to have sold .
What to do hear ???
Anyone who sold early for twice the offer price ( sales @1.6p ) 2p the logical thing to do , would have made a mistake in hindsight as price closed near 4p !!!
No logic it in markets anymore.


Even higher today 4.2p Monday 14th ( in hindsight should of sold but very busy )
Could not find record ( in older )
RNS 15th… no vote needed seems to have knocked on head talk of counter offer with asset disposal ? shares dropped 40%
Noticed record of holding not correct they are all in ( D ) good luck only got back part of recent sale to raise fund for VAST in ( X ) already had some there from buys 7th June 2016 and 7th July 2017


Hi Nice_to_Michu ( flyb )
Notice you do not post on this site since June 18 .
Did you keep hold of that 2/3 rds


I have kept hold of them missed last Mondays bounce back to 4.2p .
Lucian Miers not as confident of short he closed his @ 2p he claims. ( SP Blog )
" now a shell company " after asset sale.


Got rid of them for 3.95p Monday 22nd ( platform did not except 3.9 and my sell recorded as a buy as usual ) most likely go above last weeks 4.2p knowing my luck ,not making much sense.
To much stress a moment to have it .
Made London evening news Monday 22nd the paper saying company must make statement about this rise ( is there another offer ? )
Hoskings llp hedge fund ( Institutional investors ) hold 19% considering legal action , in weekend press.
Maybe that is proceeding as price up to 4.8p today Wednesday 23rd
Hoskings claim insider dealing by concert group but that’s what they all do i think .
Up 60% to 7p by 1pm .
I’m not good at this game lol