Trades today



08.35.17 . . . 100,000 @ 225.5
09.34.16 . . . 38,699 @ 227.8798
3 x 25,000’s
Couple of 20,000’s
Several 10,000 to 17,000’s
4 x 10,000

It looks like the Oil Price has caused the rise, but it remains to be seen if it interfere’s with the Buy Back

LSE Vols . . . 711,869 . . . 433 trades


Did not last very long that! Back to where we were Monday morning!:

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Likely buyback is pre corporate event stabilisation
Big hedgeshave been forcing and holding this down, are not going to be easily able too any longer, 14m + 10m of ammo available
So far today standoff, PI can see co buyers at higher prices, be nuts to sell, or be short


Lower volumes today and then suddenly an O trade 65,249 shares @ 228.36:

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Someone on LSE claims to have bought 65,249 shares:

Best Regards @ValueSeeker8


Probably Carroll again :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:


He might be :lying_face: but he’s only done 71 posts! If it was Paul Carroll that number would be multiplied by 10 at least!


fair point :slight_smile:



theplumber is the latest avatar of Paul Carrolls and you keep ticking up all his lies


When I like some of his comments, even if there is just one point that I like. I’ll give him a tick. Some of what he says is very true (to my mind). What I dislike is the “there will be a takeover” agenda, that GKP should borrow to concentrate equity, false institutional holders lists and “fill your boots” kind of posts.