UKX Long trades



Closed at 7432.80. Booked 16.8 points. Order triggered at 11:49:41.

Down to 8 longs, hedged by 6 shorts.


Closed at 7454.80. Booked 11 points. Longs down to 7.

Rounds off another okay day.


Long at 7443. Re-added an 8th, same logic.


Closed at 7457.50. Booked 14.5 points. Longs down to 7.


Long at 7404.80. Re-added an 8th a few points above the nearest of 6 shorts. A most welcome dip this morning from a trader’s perspective.


Closed at 7422.80. Booked 18 points. Longs down to 7.


Long at 7439. Re-added an 8th. Still dropping, but I’m prepared to add again lower down.

By the by, UKX dividends rising again over the next 2 weeks.


Long at 7414.80. Re-added a 9th.

Still falling. Will now wait to close a long or one of 6 shorts at profit.


Closed at 7446.80. Booked 32 points. Longs down to 8, hedged by 6 shorts.

Typo: 7446.80, not 7446.60.


Long at 7424. Re-added a 9th. Sterling weakening again. Same logic.


Closed at 7435.30. Booked 11+ points.

Though I think it’ll be higher again later, I rather take the gains with US markets closed today & their next direction by no means certain. Longs down to 8.