UKX Short trades



Closed 7149.80. Booked another 10.5 points. Back down to 3 shorts, which is likely to be okay cover.

Edit: typo. Added an obviously missed 7 before 149.80. Cheers.


Short at 7158. Re-added a 4th for added protection against more Parliamentary high drama from tomorrow.


Short at 7184. A 5th re-added for same reasons, though these may take more patience to come home due to UK’s complex politics.


Closed at 7171. Booked 13 points as more volatility seems likely. Back down to 4 shorts.


Closed at 7148. Booked 10 points. Reasons the same.

Back down to 3 shorts & now to sit tight for longer if it continues dropping.


Short at 7157.30. Re-added a 4th for added cover.


Closed at 7147.30. Taken another 10 points. Back down to 3 shorts.


Short at 7160.30. Re-added a 4th, same logic.


Short at 7172.30. Back to 5 shorts hedging 6 longs.


Closed 7158.30. Booked another 14 points.

That’ll probably be it for today, unless we have a strong bounce after-hours allowing for another short. Back down to 4 shorts.


Closed 7147.30. Booked 13 points.

Back down to 3 shorts. I’ll sit tight with them for more points if available.


Short at 7171. Re-added a 4th after a decent bounce, still hedging 6 longs.

A much better balance in view of the daily chaos across Parliament.


Short at 7188.80. Re-added a 5th. Glad to add again the higher it goes.


Short at 7203.30. A 6th add, with parity restored again between shorts & longs.

I may do little more for a while unless profits seen, or we’ve a bigger bounce.


Closed 7186.80. Booked 16.5 points. Down to 5 shorts again.


Short at 7203.80. Re-added a 6th with same logic.

As I need to go out a while, limit order on this short only at 7181.


Short at 7233.80. A 7th add, hedged by 6 longs.

Will now let things unravel until I can either close 1 long, or this short later on.


Short at 7335.50. Added an 8th as I’ve plenty of cover with still 5 longs open.

Though I’d prefer a reversal soon, it’s not urgent to me whichever direction UKX goes from here over shorter-term. My account has plenty of margin to ride out any moves. That’s one lesson well learnt from costly past experience. Margin is always key.


Closed at 7312.80. Booked 22.5+ points. Down to 7 shorts.


Short at 7326.50. Re-added an 8th. Reasons same.