UKX Short trades



Short at 7396.30. Re-added a 9th as I think much more downside likely later. This despite tonight’s 6+ pts UKX dividends.


Closed at 7385.80. Booked another 10.5 points, mindful of UKX dividend tonight. Down to 8 shorts again.


Short at 7425. Re-added a 9th, hedged by 5 longs.

Markets flying on new US-China trade deal, but little changes fundamentally for UK once bullish sentiment dies down.

Edit: Not yet a “new” deal, merely sources from China suggesting they may reduce tariffs. Something still to be confirmed by the US.


Closed 7407.80 Booked 17+ points. It’ll have to do as I need to leave my desk a brief spell. Shorts back down to 8.


Short at 7422. A 9th re-added, same logic as earlier today.


Closed 7411.80. Booked 10+ points.

Being more cautious with taking less gains, but more often. Just in case it consolidates at a higher level. Back down to 8 shorts.


Closed 7277.30. Booked 23 points.

Glad to reduce my shorts to 7 v same number of longs for now as there’s a significant UKX dividend of nearly 16 points this week.


Short at 7305.80. Re-added an 8th a few points lower than my lowest UKX long.


Short at 7354. Re-added a 9th. I still think there’ll be plenty of twists & turns ahead. These hedged by 6 longs.


Closed at 7332.50. Booked 21.5 points. Shorts reduced to 8.


Short at 7351.80. Re-added a 9th with same considerations.


Closed 7344. Booked 7.5+ points. Shorts reduced to 8, now hedged by 7 longs.

Slightly better parity in view of still huge uncertainty ahead & the amount of UKX dividends this week.


Closed at 7293.30. Booked 12.5 points. Shorts now reduced to 7. No doubt fairly brief parity with UKX longs, also at 7.


Short at 7300.30. Re-added an 8th versus 7 longs. I want to keep my short bias for a while yet.


Closed at 7275.30. Booked a useful 25 points. Shorts down to 7.


Short at 7301. Re-added an 8th short as I want to keep a slight short bias going into next week.


Short at 7332.50. Re-added a 9th for more anticipated reversals later.


Closed at 7305.30. Booked 27+ points. Still hold 8 shorts & maintain a slight bias to the short side.


Short at 7327.30. Re-added a 9th.

Sterling up again, but who knows how that’ll effect UKX in the shorter-term as US markets strong again? But I’ve plenty of cover with still 7 longs.


Closed at 7316.30. Booked 11 points. Back down to 8 shorts. Parity restored between longs & shorts for a while.

Another very volatile day & one really has to trade both ways in the circumstances.