UKX Short trades



Short at 7327. Re-added a 9th as I waned to revert to a slight short bias for a while longer.


Closed 7286.80. Booked 40+ points. Shorts back down to 8 & parity restored.

Woeful performance from the PM last night!


Closed 3275. Booked another 26 points. Shorts down to 7.


Closed at 7221.30. Booked another 12.5 points. Shorts reduced to 6.


Short at 7264. Re-added a 7th for better overall balance at this stage. More volatility inevitable.


Closed 7235. Booked 29 points. Really didn’t expect that so soon. Back down to 6 shorts.

But an excellent day overall.


Short at 7228.80. Re-added a 7th for same reasons.


Closed 7220.30. Booked 8.5 points as next direction seems uncertain. Back down to 6 shorts.


Short at 7231.30. Re-added a 7th short for a better overall balance with 8 longs, mindful of the uncertainties ahead.


Short at 7308.30. Re-added an 8th & restored parity with UKX longs.

Have set a temporary limit order on this at 7265 as I need to be out later. Not too fussed if I hold into next week.


Short at 7368.80. Re-added a 9th as UKX seems overbought. But I could be wrong, hence some cover with still 6 longs.


Closed at 7356.30. Booked 12.5 points & restored a better overall balance. Shorts reduced to 8, hedged by 6 longs.


Closed at 7291.80. Booked 16.5 points & reduced shorts to 7.

Very volatile day, which is how some of us prefer it when it comes to trading. Decent day for me so far with 2 longs also closed earlier.


Closed at 7209.30. Booked 22 points. Shorts reduced to 6.


Closed at 7181.80. Booked another 22 points. Shorts reduced to 5.

I’d rather reduce even more short exposure in case of a likely Tory GE win next week.


Closed at 7167.80. Booked another 21 points. - Shorts down to 4. Reasons as stated earlier today.


Short at 7176.50. Re-added a 5th as more extreme volatility seems likely over the next week or so.


Closed 7158.80. Booked 17.5+ points. Reasons as before. Back down to 4 shorts.


Short at 7180.50. Re-added a 5th for added cover.


Closed 7170.30. Booked 10+ points. Shorts back down to 4.