UKX Short trades



Agree the rise seems partly unwarranted. Couple with the lag on banks we have a divergence not seen for 3 years.
Hedged ftse short with longs on lloy and barc…


Closed at 7554.80. Booked a quick 15+ points as 3 UKX shorts left. Quite enough short exposure for me.


Short at 7568. A 4th UKX short re-added for same reasons. Possibly pushing my luck, but I still feel this is overbought.


Closed at 7547.80. Booked another 20+ points due to significant remaining short exposure.

Ideally, would like to settle another UKX short fairly soon & have 2 remaining.


Closed at 7532.50. Booked 10.5+ points as wanted to reduce short exposure to 2 positions. They all count.

Also, divi hit from last week 1.97 points.


Short at 7550.50. A 3rd UKX short re-established. Reasons the same.


Closed 7529.30. Booked 21+ points.

Reasons: 2 UKX shorts is quite enough exposure at this level with Sterling tanking & boosting FTSE global dollar-earners.


I’m only looking at shorts myself. Look at most global indices. All opened gapped up in July. All tracking baxk to gap fills mostly now… But its month charts. More serious . A longer term neg outlook.

Example Dow did it twice before July, in the last year. Both months dropped an average of 3000 points.

Some serious shorting on the way. Normally I’d agree with you on gbp scenario. But this month is a little different.

Big test is when gaps are complete. If no buyers arrive, watch them drop hard

@soi what you think ?


Short at 7445.30. Re-opened a 3rd UKX short, for same reasons.

NB: I’ve set a limit order on this one at 7420 aiming for 25+ points as I need to be out a few hours. Maybe a bit ambitious for today, but will leave said order until about 3 PM when I return.


Closed at 7429.30. Booked 16 points rather than leave the earlier order due to 2 more UKX shorts left open not far below this. They all count cumulatively.


Short at 7541.60. Re-added a 3rd UKX short as more downside seems likely later with stronger resistance not far above.


Closed at 7526.30. Settled for 15+ points on this one due to 2 UKX shorts remaining & day high of 7560.

Same policy as before as it’s served me well.


Closed at 7512.50. Booked another 11+ points.

This short opened 9 days ago, thus incurred a dividend hit of just over 2 pts. Now down to one UKX short at 7494.30.


Short at 7524.80. Re-established a 2nd UKX short. Reasons: since closing 7609+ on 3rd July, UKX seen 6 successive lower closes. There may be occasional deviations from that downtrend, but I doubt it’ll be for long.


Closed at 7519.30. Booked only 5.5 points. They all count over time.

Reasons: DOW flying to record highs, last night closing at 27,088. Ditto other US indices. Futures pointing to more upside again. Could well lift other indices like UKX on sentiment alone. Seems only sensible to reduce to one UKX short again. Especially before a w/end.


Short at 7517.30. Re-opened a 2nd UKX short as index recently struggling above these levels. It may go higher, but far more downside seems likely later.


Short at 7539. A 3rd add for reasons as before. Will now leave things until it either goes much higher or else profits can be booked. At least no UKX dividend points to add costs for holding shorts this week.


Closed at 7532.80. Booked 6+ points. Reasons: another overall percentages trade. Insuring more profit points seems sensible with 2 shorts left open. Will add again if it rises, but not so soon.


Short at 7539.30. On 2nd thoughts, re-added a 3rd one at similar levels to last one. Reasons as before.

Limit sell on this at 7520 as need to go out a spell.


Closed 7530.80. Booked 8.5 points as weakness of Sterling could well see more upside soon. Back down to 2 UKX shorts.