UKX Short trades



Closed at 7501.30. Booked 6 quick points. Parity between long & short restored, one of each still open.


Short at 7505. Re-added 2nd short for next week, hedged by 1 long at 7507.


Closed at 7491. Booked 14 points. Back to parity, one short v one long (other thread).

As out today, limit orders set on the other 2.

Short 7492.80 limit at 7470.
Long 7507 limit at 7530.


Short at 7522.80. Re-added 2nd UKX short for same reasons.


Closed 7512.80. Booked quick 10 points.

Down to one short with limit order as stated earlier. Off out soon, so no new UKX positions added for a while.


Short at 7526.30. Re-added 2nd position.

Limit order set on this at 7514 looking for 12+ points later. Will post if triggered after 2 PM.


Closed at 7513.80. Booked 12.5 more points. Limit triggered at 14.46 hours. Down to one UKX short.


Short at 7518.80. Re-added a 2nd. Reasons as before.


Short at 7540. Re-added a 3rd. Reasons the same.

Temporary limit order on this at 7520.


Short at 7565. A 4th short.

Will now let things run without further adds for a while. Boris as PM is a factor behind the spike, but how long will it last for?


Closed at 7554.80. Booked quick 10+ points. Down to 3 shorts.


Short at 7566. Re-added a 4th, same reasons.


Closed 7555.80. Booked 10+ more points. Reasons: rather book more points in a climate of anticipated extreme volatility.


Short at 7571. Re-added a 4th for same reasons. Resistance level not far above.


Closed at 7559.50. Booked 11.5 points. Maybe snatching at gains too soon, but with a new PM Iā€™d rather take more points.


Short at 7570.80. Back to 4 UKX shorts for same reasons.


Closed at 7565. Booked only 5.8 points on this due to extent of earlier spike in UKX. Feel better being down to 3 UKX shorts for now.


Closed at 7515. Booked 25 points as an insurance in a very volatile climate. Down to 2 shorts.


Closed at 7501.30. Booked another 17.5 points. Reasons same.

Now down to parity between shorts & longs, one of each.


Closed at 7479.30. Booked another 13.5 points on last UKX short.

Just hold 2 UKX longs now, but would hedge again if this looks like falling much further.