UKX Short trades



Short at 7481.80. Restored hedge of 2 UKX longs, just as a precaution.

Markets very volatile & next major direction hard to predict. This short guards against any nasty surprises ahead. - Edit: typo.


Short at 7496. Re-added a 2nd for same reasons.

Now have parity with 2 UKX shorts hedged by 2 longs. However, I strongly expect to book more gains before end of day.


Short at 7530. A 3rd one hedged by 1 UKX long. Reasons same.


Closed at 7516. Booked 14 points. Down to just 2 UKX shorts. Enough exposure for further downside.


Closed at 7478.50. Booked 17.5 points.

Down to 1 short v 2 UKX longs. But a decent day overall with some longs closed elsewhere, whatever happens next.


Short at 7500. Restored parity: 2 longs v 2 shorts due to ongoing extreme volatility.

Markets so far not buying into Boris Johnson’s grand vision for UK.


Closed at 7488. Booked another 12 points.

Now 1 short hedging 2 UKX longs.


Short at 7501.80. Re-added a 2nd. Restored a full hedge of 2 UKX longs due to anticipating more extreme volatility soon.

Temporary limit order on this short at 7491. The other short, limit at 7471.


Short at 7561.30. A 3rd add for the week ahead. After a strong bounce, I feel we may be due another reversal soon in keeping with recent volatility.

Time-wise, I could of course be wrong. If badly wrong, I may hedge again.


Closed at 7553.30. Booked 8 points. Had 2nd thoughts. Back down to 2 shorts.


Short at 7608. A 3rd short for same reasons.

Timely shutting one late on Friday, but now well underwater with two UKX shorts as market is evidently pricing in a No-Deal. But I’m confident it will come down again later.


Short at 7640.50. A 4th &, for now, last UKX short for a while. Just in case this spikes to new record highs on a weak £ before coming back down.


Closed at 7623. Booked 17.5+ points. Not that I think it won’t go much lower again later, but I prefer taking more smaller gains as an insurance. A method that’s worked well for me previously.


Short at 7643.80. Re-added a 4th for same reasons as prior.


Short at 7702.50. A 5th add in anticipation of sharper reversals later. Possibly a final short for some time.


Closed at 6989. Booked 13.5 points due to it being a very volatile climate.


Short at 7702.30. Re-added a 5th for same reasons.


Closed at 6994. Booked a very quick 8+ points. Cautious trading as apt for a very volatile climate. But they all count over time.


Closed at 7631.30. Booked 12.5 points. More importantly, reduced my short load to 3 positions, hedged by 2 longs.


Closed at 7599.30. Booked 8.5+ points mindful of huge UKX dividend for longs next week.

Down to 2 shorts hedging 3 UKX longs.