UKX Short trades



Closed at 7456.50. Booked 45+ points.

A bit risky as down to 1 short hedging 5 longs. But UKX dividend for 8th August now over 36 points. That could well exceed 40 points by next Wednesday night.


Closed at 7448. Booked another 33.8 points on my final UKX short.

That closes my short exposure & a decent day. However, would open another short lower down, just as a hedge for reasons as before.


Short at 7455. New hedge against 5 longs, mindful of today’s low so far of 7416.50.


Closed 7438.80. Booked another 16+ points.

Back down to 5 UKX longs unhedged for now. - GLA.


Short at 7468. Re-added a new hedge v 5 UKX longs. Just a little insurance & higher up than the previous one.


Closed at 7446.5. Booked 21.5 points. A bit too much to let pass despite the extreme volatility.

Well over 100 points booked for the day on just shorts.



impressive mate :slight_smile:

The old Jack is back


Short at 7295. Reasons: despite weak £ & end of week exuberance (ie. UKX closed 7253+ end of market hours), reinstalled a new hedge of 5 longs. This just in case of more market jitters next week & mindful of recent intraday lows of circa 7057+.

NB: This short intended to stay put for longer. If I’m going to lose my hedge protection, it has to be for more than 20+ points. As we’ve seen recently, UKX can go nearly 700 points against you in days. No point hedging substantial positions & closing too soon unless re-opening another hedge soon after.


Closed at 7248.80. Booked 46+ points. Will be prepared to hedge again fairly soon for obvious reasons.


Short at 7247. Re-added a new short hedge position. Same reasons as above.


Closed 7216.80. Booked 30+ points. Again I’m prepared to re-add another short hedge soon.


Short at 7212. Same reasons as before. Could be another shit-storm of a sell-off ahead for what has been a generally crap index going back some while now.


Closed at 7189.50. Booked another 22.5 points. May re-add another short soon to re-establish hedge of long positions.


Short at 7250. As premeditated in prior comments, a new hedge of long positions.

No strict target in mind, but sub-7200 might tempt me. - Edit: typo.


Closed 7208. Booked 42 points.

Why remove my hedge? Only because of UKX dividends offering 30+ points tonight. However, will re-add a short hedge on any rise. Even lower than previously.


Short at 7204.30. Re-opened a new hedge of 5 longs.

Would add more if further rises seen. Not least as another early GE seems far more likely than not. In that event, UKX likely to tank significantly & any quick recovery highly dependant on outcome.


Short at 7227.30. Added a 2nd short hedge to 5 longs, mostly as protection in case of any sudden announcements, for eg. another early GE, that’s liable to see further sharp sell-offs.

Would add short again on any strong rise from here.


Closed at 7190.30. Booked 37 points as I feel that we’ll see more UKX rises before a major sell-off. Still one short left.


Closed at 7131.30. Booked a very handy 73 points. That’s 110 pts for the day. But not without some risk as back down to 5 longs only.

UKX dividend tomorrow nearly 6 points. But I now much prefer seeing a strong bounce in UKX fairly soon & re-adding a short hedge.


Short at 200.30. A new hedge of 5 longs reopened. Would again add on any rise.