UKX Short trades



Closed at 7187.80. Booked 16+ pts before w/end as there may be better opportunities later to re-add another short or two. Still have 3 UKX shorts.


Short at 7212. Re-added a 4th short a bit higher up for same reasons. Very volatile markets!


Short at 7306.50. A 5th short added for same reasons. Now hold parity of UKX shorts v longs.

In my view, little obvious logic behind the strength of today’s rise in UKX. But mindful that markets are often irrational, it could well go a lot higher.


Closed at 7264.80. Settled for 41.5+ points.

Down to 4 UKX shorts hedging 5 longs.


Short at 7304.50. Re-added a 5th as a protective hedge for same reasons.


Closed 7247.30. Booked 57+ points. Plenty of volatility recently, but so far not the bigger sell-off one anticipated & an early GE may be slightly delayed.

Frankly, hard to be sure of anything much in this climate. Down to 4 UKX shorts hedging 5 longs.


Short at 7248.30. Re-established a 5th hedge short to 5 UKX longs.

It may indeed go higher, but I still feel a much sharper sell-off lies ahead.


Short at 7317.30. A 6th add for reasons as before. These hedged by 5 UKX longs.


Closed 7286.30. Booked 31 points. Back to parity between short & longs. Recently it’s been heavy going at times. So it goes.


Short at 7311. Re-opened a 6th position, hedged by 5 longs. Reasons same.