US vs CN




This is why American Empire
Chinese expansion.

These are new routes creating
New Markets
Chinese languages will expand as well.

Rest of the planet is already linked to China.


So Essentially US can only slow down Chinese Expansion
It CANNOT stop it.

EU has already acknowledged the train freight from China.

Most importantly, this plan is funded by China
All the road bridges trains will all be Chinese made, helped or loaned.
Loaned with Chinese YUAN.

This will be a slow occurrence.

Question is where is the investment opportunity ?


I forgot which phase of trade wars we are in
In fact no body is keeping the count.

Short of firing guns at each other, everything is on.

US is after Chinese Tech
In the course, US Tech will get damaged but US doesnt care
EU wants to reduce US Tech as well.

If Chinese people stop buying APPLE.
Where do you think APPLE be ?



A lot going on in the diplomatic offices around the world and no one really knows as to exactly should be happening either. A Middle Eastern country has revoked or threatened to revoke peace treaty with Israel. US is coming out of a Nuclear Treaty to fight China and few other skirmishes around.

Biggest news of the weekend, US threatening to leave Nuclear Treaty to get ahead and against China on steam… I just checked is no where on American News Channel or Newspaper Websites - Rest of the world is alight.

Oh well, war goes on.
Gold will do well.


So, this is how Empires go down - for lack of money and not guns.

China has gained 3 months in Venezuela without anything in return. Its going to be a long fight. US wont go without carnage.

Not a single global trade route or class is left undisturbed. This is a big sign


China won’t be impressed.


Yes and people think its trade war
when its War by trade.

Look at Europe
They are doing all they can to launch Euro as USD substitute for trade.
EU doesnt want to go ahead with US plans.

US and UK see this as their chance to dismantle EU into pieces.

Soon it will get to a point where the law of unintended consequences will take over human wisdom and lets hope it doesnt.

If anyone’s wondering why go so hard on IRAN ?
cause IRAN, CHINA, TURKEY, PAKISTAN AND RUSSIA are forming a new nexus.


Qualcomm said it had won a preliminary order from a Chinese court banning the import and sale of several iPhone models in the country.

According to reports, the order came from the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China, the same court that earlier this year banned the import of some of memory chip maker Micron Technology chips into China.

Qualcomm initially filed the case in China in late 2017. The court found Apple violated two of Qualcomm’s software patents around resizing photographs and managing applications on a touch screen.


Why US is left without options but to strike war through Trade


This issue isnt subsiding
One has to think, US wont take up a war unless it really wanted a war.

China now need to budge at all.
Chinese slow down will wreck financial markets.

There’s some sort of talk and China will walk away as winner.
Whats worse is how on earth US will step back in humiliation or step ahead to bring hell.