Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



Seems to me that it would be unwise to allow the FPSO to be fully loaded under normal operating conditions. Some spare capacity is necessary in case offloading is not possible. Were HUR to wait until the tanks were 95% full and then phone for a takeaway, they could be in trouble if the weather stopped them offloading at that point. I take the point that it doesn’t make complete sense to sail with a part load, but waiting until the tanks are full would in the long run reduce the rate of sales due to occasional delays. Any production system needs some buffer room. It’s a bit like sewage treatment where pumps are arranged to start up long before the pump well is near the emergency overflow.


Alibi-8, Thanks, sanity restored.


If you bother to read my post I also referred you to the 2019 Interim Results Roadshow Presentation page 15, this is the latest official information on production from Hurricane and validates Dspp"s post, which shows that Hurricane are using an nominal 450k off load size, leaving 150k spare capacity on the FPSO for any problems.

I really cannot see any problem with this information.


450k offload seems reasonable. That allows free storage capacity of 190k barrels (is it 640k capacity or only 600k? Not sure without looking it up), which is about 11 days’ production. I assume they get a weather forecast and so are aware in advance when there is likely to be a storm that could cause a problem. I would assume that if they knew bad weather was coming that might last a while, they could get offloaded before it hit and then they would be very unlucky to have a shut in so long as to require them to stop extracting oil, given that even at 20k bopd they would take about 32 days to fill the tanks.


Maybe if the tanker held 600mn barrels we could half the cost by offloading 300mn and someone else doing the same.


_Maybe if the tanker held 600mn barrels we could half the cost by offloading 300mn and someone else doing the same.

Ash, do you mean 300 from AM and 300 from a different Platform? If so, it sounds OK, theoretically, but freighting 300,000bo will cost more - although it should not be that much more - than proportionately half of the 600,000 bo, if the transfer tanker had to un-hook from AM and re-hook to another FPSO Vessel. Also the higher Insurance cover (risk) of carrying 600,000 rather than the lesser amount. (400,000 - 450,000 seem to be a good and sensible ‘bite of the cherry’. There could be a little savings in O/Hs (OpEx) there, so an interesting thought, nonetheless! - Kr- LLV


Yes, that was what I was thinking.


Took an edit of your post substituting production for drilling.


Hurricane Energy plc, the UK based oil and gas company focused on hydrocarbon resources in naturally fractured basement reservoirs, provides an update in relation to the 204/30b-4 (“Warwick West”) well.
The Company confirms that drill stem testing on the Warwick West well is expected to begin today. The Company will provide an update on initial results of the well, including flow rates and oil type, following completion of the testing phase.
Warwick West is the third and final well of the 2019 Greater Warwick Area drilling programme on Hurricane’s Lincoln and Warwick assets. Hurricane has a 50% interest in the Greater Warwick Area following Spirit Energy’s farm-in to the P1368 South and P2294 licences in September 2018.


Anyone know how long the drill stem testing normally takes?


It varies a lot but 1 week is about average


An hour or so ago reports starting to appear on the Hurricane Facebook page of flaring occurring. Take those reports with as much or as little salt as you wish.


Posters reportedly in the industry on LSE report from 1 week to 1 month. Likely 1 week … the longer the better.


If it is real it’s an impressive flare.
Can anyone remember how long from first flare photo to results RNS last time?


To answer my own post, it looks like flare photo on Sep 8th and results on 12th.


Thanks to well well in lse


And another from Well well.


All looking very promising, HUR are targeting 935 million barrels initially which should move into the 2C category soon. That Wood Mackenzie UK commercial/technical reserve ranking table HUR keep trotting out will have to be redrawn, it will be going off the scale soon at 3297 million barrels. Yes there is not much red on the scale but the more oil HUR produce the sooner the penny will drop that the oil can be produced cheaply and on a large volume scale.
Remember Dr T giving a lecture at the Scottish Oil Club in London on 28/11/2019, I have no doubt he will want to mention Warwick well success there and up to date production numbers, so I fully expect the news to start with an ops update w/c 25th November. He is talking about developing a super giant oil field, better make that “fields”.
Have we finally turned the corner?


Lawson 75, Hopefully after all this time and thanks to the “flaring Pictures” it looks as if they have probably cracked it at last! Just a pity about the volatile oil price though?
I suppose we cannot expect everything!


Try and do some research son before attempting to mislead others.

I assume that the 935m barrels for Warwick comes from the CPR. What is the effect of the failure of WD on this number?

Why are you ignoring the fact that HUR farmed out 50% of the GWA to Spirit Energy in 2018? Is your 3.297bn barrels of 2C just your best guess based on no facts whatsoever?

I look forward to the explanation you will clearly fail to supply!