Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



There are usually specific reasons for prelaying.

Deep water, poor holding ground, high rig day rates…


Hi Bobsson

Found this article re. Bleo Holm / Rockrose Energy:

It says they’re reviewing whether to hold on to Bleo Holm until 2024. Will see if I can find something more current as this was published in September '18.

OK, latest update I can find is i3Energy’s operational update on 10 Jan’19:

"In December 2018, i3 received indicative terms from RSRUK for Liberator’s use of their leased Bleo Holm FPSO facility via Ross field infrastructure, and the parties are working together agreeing the terms for Liberator Phase I construction and tie-in, and transportation, processing and operating services agreements. These agreements are expected to be finalized alongside the 2019 field development plan (“FDP”) approval by the UK Oil and Gas Authority.

As an alternative to the use of the Bleo Holm, i3 has also executed a Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of a standalone floating, production, offloading and storage (“FPSO”) vessel for the Company’s 2020 delivery of Liberator Phase I. i3’s lease of the FPSO would eliminate its reliance on access to third-party operated infrastructure."


The good news regarding the fleet status report, is that Transocean Leader does not appear to have a contract after the drilling contract on the GWA field for HUR and Spirit ends.

I would expect the rig to arrive at GWA in April with drilling until September. Better working conditions for the crew in the summer hopefully. As WM states expect the next fleet status update w/c 18/2/2019


Albi1, Interesting, so not a done deal that Bleo Holm will remain on its current job. HUR are comfortable working with Bluewater so the Bleo Holm may just be our second FPSO. If the buoys are of similar design at Lancaster and GWA then perhaps the Bleo Holm and Aoka Mizu could swap locations if required to maximise production?
Just speculating on the identity of a second FPSO .


:smiley: Bleo Holm doesn’t use a buoy. This forum keeps me entertained.


Then they presumably rely solely on dynamic



No, not dynamic positioning.

Try this.


Thanks for that. I prefer that system despite the fact that some sensitive bits are sub-sea; at least they are stationary there and the problems of moorings and hook-up are simplified. Getting the bouy and the AM to mate could be a bit fraught in the N Atlantic in winter.

Mating in the open air at this time of year was ever



Transocean has issued its fleet update. Leader now showing as being with Hurricane from March.

Although Spirit are still in the market for a supply boat with a start date of April 1st.


Three wells drilling March to October 2019, 1x Lincoln and 2x Warwick wells.
I think the Lincoln drill will be the first of the three and if (when) successful it will be tied back to the AM as a producer. So which event will be first, the spudding of the GWA well or first oil from Lancaster? Both events likely to be in April, but I think spudding will beat first oil.


As are interested
As a generality, we tend to go-on somewhat badly (I am included here!) when what appears to be an undesirable (but avoidable) event takes place.

However, Bobsson’s interesting speculation on the ‘spudding’ of the GWA’s has caused me to re-visit on the complexities (both mathematical and physical) of Oil Well Control. The result of that re-visit is to increase the level of my tolerance to these unforced errors, howsoever frustrating -and expensive - they may be to our stressed finances.

Here is a link, of which you already may be aware:

Caveat: Wikipedia (not WikiLeaks!) is for the Layman and not for the Rocket Scientist, imo.
Kr,A. - LLV


Hi lawven2,

I hope you are well.

With all that has been going on recently, I find myself being able to fret about only one thing at a time. Until they manage to stick this buoy where it is supposed to go, and make sure it stays there, although I am sure the link you posted is highly relevant and interesting, I will save reading it for another day, lol. When hopefully Bluewater will have got their act together.

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“…although I am sure the link you posted is highly relevant and interesting, I will save reading it for another day, lol. …”

Reciprocal Best Wishes, HTL. We are all well here, thank you.
Don’t blame you one bit for postponing the reading of the Wiki Article. The indicated mathematical formulae alone is enough to put you off your morning cornflakes, if not your HUR Shares! -Kr,A. - LLV


Thanks lawven, it was an interesting summary of the difficulties that drillers face.

Fortunately, having now got the pressure data from Lamcaster, Dr T will be better placed to ensure that the mud density employed is neither too heavy nor too light but as near as possible to ideal (as prescribed by



Oops, that may not be the case; see:

Often obstructed fluid migration pathways are also a factor,
and more than one of the above reasons contributes to the formation of overpressure in a system.

To maintain overpressure within a reservoir, compartmentalization is required, where a petroleum
accumulation is separated into several discrete fluid/pressure compartments, which occurs when hydrocarbon migration is prevented across sealed



“The Scotian Basin comprises Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments overlying a Paleozoic basement, …”

Thanks, Floss. Not sure that I understand all these ‘’…ozoics’, but a great read in highlighting the complexities of which we speak. Thanks again for sharing. - Kr,A. - LLV


Thanks laserdisc. Things starting to happen on the drilling front. First GWA well to spud in April?

petrofac to prelay Lincoln anchors approx 3/6th march
hurricane request 2 ahv 7


Thanks laserdisc.
shipwatchers from tomorrow on your watchlists anchor handling out from Aberdeen
Havila Venus (DP II)

WROV to 3000mtrs
crews up to 60
and the Havila Jupiter Petrofac to commence Lincoln anchors coming out of Montrose tomorrow presently on hire for rest of this week

At last some action!


Bobson and Laserdisc

I doff my woolly hat to you both and salute your steadfast duty to shipwatching in the face of adversity.

But you’re quite right - not all about the rope - few other irons in the fire to be glad of.


Havila Venus & Havila Jupiter on their way to “Warwick Location” with an ETA of 2300 this evening