Warwick & Lincoln 3 wells drilling 2019



Taking shelter off the Shetlands. Rig move this week, should be anchored at Lincoln site by Sunday 24th April?
Exciting times.


Thanks Laserdisc - fantastic names, sounds like we’re really on a full scale mission now!


And here we go … I don’t know what I’ll do when the SP actually goes over 60p!


Get that champagne ready !


All underway to Kraken Field ETA 1200/1300


Transocean Leader leaving Kraken Field today for Invergordon.


Given Lancaster news this morning, eiher buy more now, or just wait out and enjoy. If we can get FOIL and then Lincoln drilling well, the road should finally lead upwards this year.


So can anyone confirm whether the rig is off to GWA or to Invergordon? Apparently there are regulatory checks to be made on the Transocean Leader to ensure it is safe to start its new mission for HUR. Will these be done without the TL having to come into harbour? Will our oil worker lookout on the nearby installation report on whats happening please.


Don’t know why but the market has taken the SP below 50p!


Still moored.


They bought on the rumour (up from around 45p) - so a reasonable - 10% increase but did not sell on the news. I am quite happy for the sp to stabilise at around 50p before moving forward as more news on first oil and also our new drilling comes in.


isn’t that last year? :frowning:


That is correct. How weird.
I have deleted it to save confusion.
Thanks :ballot_box_with_check:


Getting weirder. Something is 12".
Just got this email:


And now this. Maybe I’m mystic Meg in disguise.


Underway, TL is still showing Kraken but support vessels show Invergordon ETA 21st 1200 or 1600



The drilling rig Transocean Leader is now moored in Cromarty Firth, with four attendant vessels nearby. I would expect the required safety and maintenance checks are underway. I hope those checks find everything is ok and the TL can set off for the GWA field by the middle of next week. If so she could be on site by the 31st of March, ready to start the three well campaign in April.
April should be good for HUR.


Same as Rotterdam, we have no idea.
Maybe there are big things to do specifically for the field.


The Transocean Leader rig has now moved from the Firth into the harbour at Invergordon. So yes we have to wait and see how long it will take to make the rig serviceable for its next contract for HUR/Spirit, at least 10 to 14 days I guess.