What does Hope Want



So what is Hope really after here :-

  1. take control of FRR
  2. Take Block 12
  3. Get His $20M+ back
  4. A N Other?

a. Most likely [?] but he does not have and will not get a controlling interest, maybe the pre-signed resignations gives him the route to do a GKP style debt for euity swap, but that surely wouldn’t get voted through, these ‘things’ still need to be voted on as a private company.

b. Can’t happen on it’s own[?] Georgians would n’t allow a transfer of ownership there already after 97%

c. Feasible, pay him off with a sweetener?

d. TBA

So what does he want …just can’t get my head around the answer.

PS when posted the second 1,2,3,4 became 5,6,7,8, nice little bug for you techies at ii to work on!!!


Hammers, what does every human want?

They unusually want as much as they can get and more. He’ll want control of FRR and the assets and his money back. He is only entitled, under law, to his 2m and 20m OMF debt. Seems unlikely FRR will win this case unless the discovery turned something up which is a possibility.

My hope is that FRR have the funds available to settle this swiftly. The unscheduled stay could be indicative of a settlement between parties.

Finders and toes crossed, best of luck.