With Q2 2019 coming to an end it's a new beginning for Sino2 profits coming XTR way



Appears remaining stored gold at Manica from previous quarters has been sold in Dubai with further gold sales also going that way for higher prices than if sold locally . With Xtract Resources sub contractor Sino 2 operation in fine weather for a while now throughput targets should be easily met and exceeded . As for the direction towards the Chicken farm with less over burden and higher gold grades that’s a positive thing too .

With Omnia due to process hard rock from Guy Fawks in their nearby prospect using their hard rock plant we may even get an update same time as Q2 2019 alluvial profits for XTR are announced ( mid July ) . Wouldn’t surprise me since it’s deemed as processing low hanging fruit , high grade specific areas of the 1,350m long and 120m deep deposit .

With gold intercepts of …
2m at 11.15g/T Au
1m at 21.96g/T (GFR03)
3m at 2.35g/T (GFR04)

It’s an area mapped that can be cherry picked to a degree dependant upon Mr.Colin Bird obviously but known low hanging fruit and it’s where abouts a huge catalyst for Omnia . With Omnia having built their hard rock plant without hard rock on their prospect to process I’m sure ever effort to get this low hanging from Guy Falks to Omnia’s prospect for processing will happen asap .

Aye , Xtract Resources looking comfortable with revenue streams in Gold increasing in quantity as well as value . With world trade disputes , disagreements with Iran - USA - China , EU , etc … may even see US$1,700 /oz before year end


Such a frustrating share for traders to trade .

Only 4 days ago you could have bought shares at 0.87p/share but at the end of trading today 1.30p /share was being asked with buys of over 200k shares going to Negotiated Trading ( N/T ) . Traders might have the command of a companies Market Cap if the company has issues like need of placings to pay OPEX or there is no revenue stream to cover costs in general but Xtract Resources isn’t one of those companies . It’s debt free , owns the Manica Prospect , has sub contractors creating an ever increasing revenue stream hence rather than a traders share this is an investors delight .

Aye , there will be a few posters on other bulletin boards trying to make it a traders share but today’s volume was to light and with buy trades taking the share price up there’s one question " why are the Market Makers happy to take your shares but make purchasing ever dearer " ? Might be they’ve read all the RNS’s and understand what’s going on at the Manica prospect near term , medium term and long term . Then there’s Sino 2 revenue results due mid July being bolstered by unsold dorey bars that were being stored at Manica , sold at a higher price in Dubai I might add . Alas Xtract Resources is a sound company thanks to Mr.Colin Birds cautious approach and no doubt will make share holders very rich with everything he’s got lined up for the company .