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Polar Capital is a specialist, investment-led, active fund management company. 

We offer investors a wide range of regional and sector-based funds built using a fundamental, research-driven approach, run by dedicated, specialist investment teams. The Company manages three sector-based investment trusts, covering some of the largest sectors in the world: technology, healthcare and financials.

Polar Capital Technology Trust plc

Growing our investors’ assets since 1996.

Access the growth potential of companies in the global technology sector. Managed by a team of dedicated technology specialists, this trust has grown to become a leading European investor with a multi-cycle/multi-year track record – a result of the managers’ approach to investing, with the ability to spot developing technology trends early and to invest in those companies best placed to exploit them. 



Polar Capital Technology Ord (LSE:PCT)

Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc

Healthcare is a growth sector in a low growth world.

Healthcare is a long-term, secular growth sector as ageing populations drive the demand and the need for increased healthcare provision. Global healthcare spending was over $7.6trn in 2014 and is projected to grow faster than GDP.* The political conundrum is how to deliver better healthcare to more people for less money. Healthcare companies with products or services that deliver demonstrable value and drive efficiency are well placed for growth. 


Polar Capital Global Healthcare Ord (LSE:PCGH)

Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc

Oiling the wheels of the worldwide economy.

The financial sector oils the wheels of the worldwide economy and is the largest sector globally. It includes banks, life and non-life insurance companies, asset managers, stock exchanges, specialty lenders and fintech companies. Technological developments and regulatory changes post the financial crisis are leading to profound changes which are providing attractive investment opportunities in a sector in different stages of recovery and within under penetrated emerging markets.


Polar Capital Global Financials Ord (LSE:PCFT)


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Polar Capital Technology Trust plc

Technology delivering disruption

Is Ben a game boy?

Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc

Healthcare Management

Healthcare delivery

Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc

Overview of Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc

Edison: Fund manager interview

*Source: World Health Organisation; World Bank

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