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Consolidate to save more.

Our flat fees mean that the more you invest with us, the more you'll save.

Take stock of your finances in 2022.

Please remember, investment value can go up or down and you could get back less than you invest. The value of international investments may be affected by currency fluctuations which might reduce their value in sterling.

Why consolidating your investments makes sense

The Association of British Insurers estimates that there were 1.6 million pension pots unclaimed in 2020, worth £19.4 billion.

Having all your investment accounts in one place means convenience and flexibility. You can see all your investments at a glance and easily keep track of their progress.

Better still, you could make big savings on fees. With ii, just £9.99 a month gives you our Stocks and Shares ISA, Trading Account and as many Junior ISAs as you have children. Our flat fees don’t grow with your investments – unlike providers who charge a percentage.

That means if you have investments with us and another provider, you could be throwing money away. In fact, moving all of your investment accounts to ii could give you up to £43k more over 30 years*.

A simple example

  • Simone has £50,000 in an ii ISA. This costs her £9.99 per month, which is £119.88 per year in total.
  • She also has a Trading Account with another provider. With a balance of £50k and annual fees of 0.45% for holding funds, she pays another £225 a year for this account.
  • If Simone moved this account to ii, she would continue to pay the flat fee of £119.88 per year, and save £225.
AccountsCost with ii (annual)Typical competitor %
charge (annual)*



0.45% (£225)

ISA + Trading Account


0.45% (£450)

Example does not include trades (your first monthly trade with ii is free).
*0.45% is based on the Hargreaves Lansdown charge for holding funds up to £225,000.

See how much you could save in the long run

The charts below show how much you could save over 30 years by keeping all your investments with ii. What starts as a small difference can have a big impact over time.

Keep more with our free regular investing service

  • Top up your account with a regular monthly direct debit.
  • This 'regular and often' approach can be less risky and more profitable.
  • Start from as little as £25 a month.
  • It's free - you'll pay no trading fees with regular investing.
Free Regular Investing

Things to consider before you switch

  • You should check for any exit fees with existing providers - although you could still save money in the long run. There are no fees to join ii, and it’s free to leave.
  • When switching pensions, you should check whether you would lose any safeguarded benefits or employer contributions. You may need to seek financial advice.

Even greater savings when you add a SIPP

The flat fee savings only get better if you add a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Most pensions are charged on a percentage basis. An ii SIPP is only £10 a month extra, meaning you can keep all your investments and pensions with us for £19.99 a month. By bringing all of your investments and pensions together with our flat fee, you could be £97k better off over 30 years.

Special offer: Open a SIPP by 31 January and pay no SIPP fee until August 2022. Terms apply

How to transfer to ii

If you are a new customer, you will need your National Insurance number and details of the account(s) you want to transfer.


Open an account

It only takes a few minutes. Existing customers can log in and add an account.


Start your transfer online

You can do this later if you prefer.


We’ll do the rest…

Including working with your current providers. We will keep you updated along the way.