Has FTSE 100 just flagged a 200-point rally?

by Alistair Strang from interactive investor |

Exceeding this level could provoke significant upside for the blue-chip index, says our charts expert.


A car journey the other evening reminded, sharply, that the value of investments can go down as well as up! The car, an automatic, decided if you press the accelerator pedal the engine will stop!

Unless you are in reverse in which case it worked perfectly. It proved a truly surreal experience, reversing one mile home, at night, during a storm with 70mph gusts.

When the thing was again in the driveway, I looked around in expectation of a Top Gear bloke with a white coat, offering the next challenge. But, truthfully, it felt like one of these share price journeys where it goes up, only to reverse to where it started.

We wonder, with the news that Brexit may be delayed, whether the FTSE 100 index is about to embark on one of these journeys which shall go nowhere?

From a near-term perspective, it appears movement now above 7,220 points can be expected to provoke a challenge of 7,247 next. If bettered, secondary calculates at 7,285 which would prove quite a big deal, dumping the index in a region where we'd expect a longer term "top" at 7,400 on the current cycle. 

It will certainly prove curious, if this coincides with any mooted Brexit extension period, carrying the expectation a bloke in a white coat will hand the FTSE its next challenge around such a point.

The other side of the coin comes – allegedly – if the FTSE makes its way below 7,179 points as reversal to an initial 7,154 is possible. If broken, secondary calculates at 7,082 points. 

A fly in this ointment comes, if the FTSE is truly entering an uptrend. It will tend to make reversals hard to achieve as reversals shouldn't reach target.

The cliche, "we live in interesting times" is difficult to justify as the ongoing Brexit shambles is proving anything but interesting.

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