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SIPP guides: your SIPP questions answered

Want to know more about investing in an SIPP? Our experts are here to answer your questions.

Most popular guides

What is a SIPP?

Learn how to take control of your retirement planning.

Work pension vs SIPP

Discover how a SIPP might help you save more.

Is a SIPP worth it?

Understand the benefits a SIPP can bring.

SIPP offers and deals

Check out our current offers and deals.

SIPP basics

Stakeholder pension vs SIPP

A comparison between the two types of pension.

SIPPs for the self-employed

Learn how to make your own pension arrangements.


The difference between SIPP and SSAS.

Can I hold cash in my SIPP?

SIPPs offer you the freedom to hold a range of assets, including cash.

Investing with a SIPP

SIPP bonds

Buying bonds in a SIPP are a great way to grow your investment portfolio.

SIPP contributions

Everything you need to know about contributing to your SIPP.

Sustainable investing

You can select SIPP investments that match your principles.

How many SIPPs can I have?

You can have as many SIPPs as you want.

SIPP withdrawals


Discover a flexible way to take your pension income.

What are the SIPP withdrawal rules?

All you need to know about withdrawing from your SIPP.

Retirement options

Know your options for withdrawing your pension at retirement.

Pension drawdown calculator

Find out how long your pension could last when taking retirement income.

SIPP transfers

Can I transfer an NHS pension to a SIPP?

Learn about your options when you have an NHS pension.

Can I transfer an ISA to a SIPP?

As financial objectives change, so might how you save.

Transfer a workplace pension to a SIPP

Consolidating your pensions can be a good way to saving more.

Transfer your pension to ii

Switching to our low-cost SIPP could save you more in retirement.

SIPP rules

SIPP tax relief

Learn more about SIPP tax benefits and how pension tax relief works.

Are SIPP dividends tax free?

Everything you need to know about tax on SIPP dividends.

What happens at 75

Once you hit 75, some of the rules change.


Junior SIPP vs Junior ISA: Which is best?

Discover which is best for your child.

What is a Junior SIPP?

What is a junior SIPP and how does it work.

In-specie transfers and contributions

Understand in-specie transfers and how they work.