Changes to our fees from 1 October 2020


Simplified fees 

Because we believe in fair flat fees, we’ve decided to make it even easier to see what you pay and when. From 1 October 2020, we’re making changes to:


  • We’re removing the £10 a month income drawdown fees we currently charge for your SIPP.
  • We are scrapping all other administration charges for SIPPs including pension sharing and annuity purchase fees.
  • This means all you’ll pay is your £10 per month flat fee for your SIPP, and no other SIPP-related charges.

Other charges

  • We’re removing some other administrative charges and simplifying others. 
  • You’ll pay a simple £40 fee for trades over £100,000 – that’s a saving of up to £30 for some service plans. 
  • Urgent cash withdrawals will decrease from £25 to £15 for sums over £100,000 - all non-urgent withdrawals will be free.

For a full breakdown of changes to our fees, go to our charges from 1 October 2020