Interactive Investor

Regular investing

Regular investing is free with your account. It allows you to top up your investments monthly, rather than buying with lump sums.

You can invest as little as £25 per month per investment, and there are no trading costs to pay.

To set up regular investing in your online account: 

  • Select Trading > Free regular investing from the menu.
  • Choose which account you are investing in using the orange drop down menu.
  • Click edit investments then add investments.
  • Search for your investment by typing the name of a UK equity, investment trust or ETF. Or select UK funds and search using the investment’s fund name or manager.
  • Click on the fund name to show its price and other important information. Then enter the amount you wish to invest regularly – this can be from as little as £25 per month.
  • Click Continue and you will go back to the free regular investing page.
  • After reading the important documents provided, click Save changes to confirm.
  • Repeat the process to set up new regular investments. 

On the free regular investing page, you can order your investments by priority. The highest priority investments will be made first if you have limited funds in your account.

Free Regular Investing