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Useful forms - account opening

Opening an account - useful forms

Please note: due to ongoing coronavirus precautions, we have moved most of our staff to remote working, so there will be delays in processing any account administration forms received in the post. Therefore, we ask that, wherever possible, you complete these forms electronically. Find out how

You can apply for a Trading Account online.

However, for a Pension Trading Account or Company Account you will need to complete a paper application form. You'll find these forms on this page.

If you are looking to apply for a Joint Trading Account but already have an ii account, you will need to complete the PDF application below and return via secure message.

Upgrade your account online

You can often save time and remove the need for completing forms and other additional paperwork by visiting the account upgrades page online.

Once you have logged in, select the account menu and then click add an account to review and choose your available upgrades.

Pension Trading Account

You can set up a Pension Trading Account for your SIPP/SSAS where you have chosen your own pension administrator.

    Not all instruments can be held in the Pension Trading Account. Please refer to the attached list of permitted investments for details. This list may change from time to time.

    Company Account

    A Company Account allows you to trade in the name of a UK Limited Company. It offers the same benefits as a Trading Account; trade online or by telephone in a diverse range of investments such as UK and international equities, funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts. You can authorise up to four nominated individuals to place trades and manage the account on behalf of the company.

    Completing and returning your forms online

    Some of our forms now ask you to save them as a PDF and send via secure message. Here is how:

    1. Using a computer, download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free: https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/
    2. Save the form to your computer, and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
    3. Fill in the form by typing directly into the text boxes.
    4. Where available, click to add your ‘digital signature’ at the end of the form.
    5. Now save the form as a PDF.
    6. Log in to your online account and send the completed form to us as a secure message attachment.

    Converting a photo or scanned form into a PDF


    1. Open the file on your computer.
    2. Click the Print icon (usually at the top-right of your screen)
    3. Under 'Printer', select Microsoft Print to PDF.
    4. Click 'Print'.
    5. You will then be asked to save the file as a PDF.


    1. On your computer, right-click on the file.
    2. Click 'Quick actions' followed by 'Create PDF'.
    3. The file will now be copied as a PDF in the same folder as the original file.