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We’ve launched an exciting tie-up with eyeQ, whose AI-driven smart machine generates trading signals until now only available to big institutions. Watch them explain their technology and how you can use it to make smarter investment decisions.

1st February 2024 10:48

by Huw Roberts from eyeQ

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Every investor needs an edge. Now, eyeQ’s smart machine uses artificial intelligence to generate trading signals that until now have only been available to big institutional dealers.

It analyses critical macro factors (economic growth, inflation, central bank decisions etc) to derive a single fair value for individual shares or financial markets – essentially where a stock or market should trade based on the overall economic outlook. You can read more in our glossary of terms.

eyeQ also introduces model relevance - a number that indicates whether macro events are driving an asset’s price direction. It’s a significant event when our macro model can explain at least 65% of a stock’s price action - what we call macro relevance”. When this number is low, you might want to consider other factors like company fundamentals or technical analysis in your investment decisions.

eyeQ: who we are and what we do

To read the transcript, see the description in our YouTube video

Benefits of eyeQ data and how to use it

To read the transcript, see the description in our YouTube video

How eyeQ data generated this real trade idea

To read the transcript, see the description in our YouTube video

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