Interactive Investor

Service plans

Your service plan determines how much you'll pay for trades. You will start on our £9.99 a month Investor service plan, which provides the best value for most customers.

But if you plan to make a lot of trades each month, we offer two additional service plans to help reduce your trading costs.

Compare our service plans

£9.99 per month

Most customers start here - it’s easy to upgrade later.

  • One free trade per month
  • Additional fund trades and UK share trades: £7.99

Funds Fan
£13.99 per month

Get reduced trading costs on funds.

  • Two free fund trades per month
  • Additional fund and investment trust trades: £3.99
  • Additional UK share trades: £7.99

Super Investor
£19.99 per month

Reduced costs for most trades - great for more frequent investors.

  • Two free trades per month
  • Additional UK trades (inc funds): £3.99
  • Additional US share trades: £4.99