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CAB Payments Holdings Ltd Share Offer

This offer is now closed for applications through interactive investor

Results of the IPO

  • CAB Payments Holdings Limited has announced the successful completion of the bookbuilding process in relation to the initial public offering of its Ordinary Shares.
  • The Company has been re-registered as a public limited company with the name CAB Payments Holdings plc (CABP).
  • The Offer Price was set at £3.35 per Ordinary Share.
  • The Offer comprises 87,000,000 existing Ordinary Shares and 13,000,000 Over-allotment Shares, representing approximately 39.35% of the Company's Ordinary Shares at the time of Admission.
  • Immediately following Admission, the Company's issued share capital will be 251,143,218 Ordinary Shares.
  • Based on the Offer Price, the market capitalisation of the Company on Admission will be approximately £851.4 million.
  • Allocations have been scaled back, meaning customers will receive approximately 70% of the amount they applied for. 
  • Share allocations and uninvested cash are being credited today (Thursday 6 July 2023). Confirmation of allocations will be sent once the shares and refunds are showing on accounts.
  • Please note the allocation policy was set by CABP and not Interactive Investor.

Offer period

  • The Offer Period for the CAB Payments Holdings Limited Share Offer closed at 1pm on Wednesday 5 July 2023.

Trading starts

  • A period of conditional dealing is expected to commence at 8am on Thursday 6 July 2023.
  • When admitted to trading, CAB Payments Holdings plc Shares will be registered with SEDOL (Stock Exchange Daily Official List) number BMCYKB4 and trade under the symbol "CABP".
  • Unconditional dealing is expected to commence at 8am on Tuesday 11 July 2023.
  • If you buy or sell CAB Payments Holdings plc Shares after admission the relevant share dealing rate will apply.

Bhairav Trivedi, CEO of CAB Payments, said:

Today marks an important milestone for CAB Payments as we celebrate our first day of conditional dealings on the London Stock Exchange. Deciding to list signifies our confidence in the proposition we bring to clients and our new, enlarged investor base, as well as the confidence that we have in the UK as the home for innovative and growing global fintech businesses.

The great reception we received from the investment community underlines our strong financial profile and a track record of delivering growth, profitability, and cash generation. We are tremendously excited to start this new chapter of our journey, as we work to connect more people in traditionally hard-to-reach regions with global payments and foreign exchange trading capabilities. We look forward to continuing to cement our position as a payments and forex partner of choice for blue-chip customers transacting in emerging markets.

Key information

Offer Price (per share):£3.35p
Minimum investment:£1,000 (multiples of £1 thereafter)
Stock ticker:CABP

Expected timetable

Offer open:27 June 2023
Offer close:5 July 2023 (1pm)
Result announced:6 July 2023 (8am)
Conditional dealing starts:6 July 2023 (8am)
Unconditional dealing starts:11 July 2023 (8am)

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