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Orchard Bond Finance plc 6.25% Bonds due 2027

This offer is now closed for applications through interactive investor

Confirmation of Bond Issue Size

Orchard Bond Finance plc has confirmed the following in connection with the offer:

  • Issue Date: 2 March 2022
  • Total principal amount of the Bonds issued (including Retained Bonds): £7,770,000
  • Total principal amount of Retained Bonds £5,000,000
  • Estimated expenses relating to the offer: £178,000
  • Estimated net proceeds of the offer: £2,592,000

Allocations have been met in full, meaning customers will receive 100% of the amount they applied for.

Bond allocations are being credited today (Thursday 24 February 2022). Confirmation of allocations will be sent once the Bonds are showing on accounts.

Key information

Issue price (per Bond):£100
Minimum investment:£2,000 (multiples of £100 thereafter)
Interest rate:6.25%
Term of the Bonds:5 years and 3 months
Maturity date:2 June 2027

Expected timetable

Offer open:9 February 2022
Offer close:23 February 2022 (10am)
Issue date of the Bonds:2 March 2022
First day of trading:2 March 2022

We, Interactive Investor Services Limited, refer to the offer of 6.25% Bonds due 2 June 2027 (the “Bonds”) described in the Prospectus dated 9 February 2022 (the “Prospectus”) published by Orchard Bond Finance PLC (the “Issuer”). In consideration of the Issuer and the Guarantor named in the Prospectus offering to grant their consent to our use of the Prospectus in connection with the offer of the Bonds in the United Kingdom during the Offer Period in accordance with the Authorised Offeror Terms (as specified in the Prospectus), we hereby accept the offer by the Issuer and the Guarantor. We confirm that we are authorised under UK MiFIR to make, and are using the Prospectus in connection with, the Public Offer accordingly. Terms used in this paragraph and otherwise not defined shall have the same meaning as given to such terms in the Prospectus.

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