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Investment Clubs

How do I set up my Investment Club online with interactive investor?

As part of our Welcome Journey, we have sent details of how to get setup online with your Investment Club account to the main correspondence address of your account.

This address would usually be whoever completed the ‘First Representative Details’ on your original account application. We may have sent an email to you instead if there was one registered on the club account.

This would have been the main correspondence email address that was held on file with The Share Centre. Please note that we didn’t send communications out to the individual members.

How do I use my Investment Club online with interactive investor going forward?

Following the move, you will be able to continue to trade using your Investment Club Account. You can access your account online with a single set of login details, once you have logged into your account. You will need to have a unique email address on your Investment Club Account to be able to login (this means that no other ii accounts can share the same email address). 

Please note that as there are only one set of details, only one member of the club will be able to login.

You can still operate your account over the phone, but please note we will only be able to accept instructions from the named dealers on the account. Any other named member of the club can contact us, but they will only be able to request account information, not give instructions.

Need to change the named dealer on the account?

To change who can view or trade on the account, please write to us at:

Customer Accounts Team
2nd floor
One Embankment
Neville Street

I had an email address on my Investment Club account, but this hasn’t been moved over to interactive investor. Why is this?

All interactive investor accounts need to have a unique email address in order to use our online services. This means that the email address cannot be shared with any other account on our system.

Because of this, we may have removed the email address from your Investment Club account as part of your move over to interactive investor.

If you need to add another email address onto your account, one of the named dealers can contact us to do this, but please be aware this needs to be unique.

How can I make payments in and out of my Investment Club account?

You can pay money into your account in a number of ways

  • By debit card, by logging into your account online and going to the ‘Cash & Transfers’ menu, followed by ‘Add Cash’. Please note we are unable to take debit card payments over the phone
  • By bank transfer (click here for our details)
  • By cheque made payable to ‘interactive investor services limited’. Please also include your 7-digit ii account number on the back

Any payments received must come from a bank account in the same name as the Investment Club.

You can request cash withdrawals from your Investment Club account online, by going to the ‘Cash & Transfers’ menu, followed by ‘Withdraw/Transfer Cash’. Cash withdrawals from your Investment Club account must be made to a bank account in the name of the Investment Club - we are unable to withdraw cash to the individual club member bank accounts.