Interactive Investor

Frequently asked questions

What has happened with my regular investments?

If you had regular investing instructions linked to a monthly direct debit instruction in place, we have moved these across for you. But we have only done this for investments that are eligible for regular investing with interactive investor.

Your direct debit will continue being collected as before but the trading date for regular investments will move to the 3rd Wednesday of each month. If your instructions currently ask for a % amount of your direct debit to be invested in each of your chosen investments, we will convert this to a £ amount.

You can view and check a list of the regular investment instructions we have moved over, in your interactive investor account. Log in to your account and select 'regular investments' from the 'trading' menu.

What has happened to my dividend income?

If you had reinvestment instructions in place in your ATS account, we have moved these across for you where they are for eligible holdings. Otherwise, they have stopped.

If you had instructions in place for investment income to be paid out to you in cash once the minimum value has been reached, we have only move these instructions where you have them in place for all the eligible holdings in your account. 

That is because, while you can give reinvestment instructions at individual investment level on the interactive investor platform, dividend income can only be set to pay out directly to your bank account at account level. 

As now, you can change your instructions easily online. Log in to your account and select 'dividend reinvestment' from the 'portfolio' menu.

Who can access my account to use its services?

You can access it, as the account holder or registered contact for a child account. Anyone named as a joint holder on the account or anyone to whom you have granted a Power of Attorney will also be able to access it.

ATS offered a third-party authority service that let you nominate others to access your account.  With your interactive investor account, anyone you have set up as a third-party authority will only be able to access your account by calling us. If you would like them to continue being able to access your account online, you will need to set them up as a power of attorney or joint holder (joint holder available for Trading Accounts only).

What has happened to my loyalty discount from my ATS service?

There are no Loyalty Discounts or trading bundles to buy with interactive investor. So, if you had an ATS Loyalty Discount it has not carried over. But as the Investor Service Plan pricing includes more free online trades than for ATS, and more than one account type, there is still a good chance you will pay less overall.

For frequent traders, the Funds Fan and Super Investor Service Plans offer lower trading charges for a higher monthly Service Plan price. Find out more about our Better Value

Where can I find my document history?

Your documents can be found under the account > document history menu in your secure online account.

We have moved your account(s) and included five years’ worth of ATS statements, consolidated tax certificates and contract notes for your future reference. We will be adding a final statement to cover July through to 11 October 2019 in the next few weeks, once our checking has been completed. 

To help you track gains and losses on your investments, we also created a ‘book value’ for each of your investments when we moved them over to interactive investor. This was their value at close on 11 October 2019 but you will be able to edit it easily online to reflect their original purchase cost, or value at another date, if you prefer.

We are here to support you as you get up and running. The easiest way to contact us is by sending a secure message.To do this, log in and select 'secure messages' from the 'account' menu.

If you prefer to speak to someone or manage your account over the phone, our friendly UK-based customer service team are happy to help at 0345 607 6001. Lines are open from 7.45am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Calls to our number cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 numbers.

This page aims to provide you with a summary of the different investment options, tools, apps and services available to ii customers. The investments referred to may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser. Please visit the relevant product pages for more information and any associated risks. Please remember, the value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest.