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Funds Fan Service Plan

If you are an investor looking to build a portfolio of funds with independent select lists and analysis tools – our Funds Fan Service Plan is specially tailored just for you.

With market-leading commissions of just £3.99 for trading funds and investment trusts, the Funds Fan Service Plan will help you actively manage your portfolio. We'll give you a free credit every month, which can be used for trading, regular investing and dividend reinvestment. And, best of all, our prices will stay the same as your investment grows, helping you to get better returns over the long term.

Our unique payment plan will cover you for multiple trading, ISA and Junior ISA accounts. You can add a SIPP for just £10 per month.

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To see how investing with our Funds Fan Service Plan over 30 years in a SIPP compares with other providers, independent research by the Lang Cat ( a financial services consultancy) used:

  • A £150,000 initial balance
  • 40 trades per year
  • 100% fund trades
  • A 5% annual return in the portfolio

Independent research into ii's pricing shows that the typical customer could save more than £30,000 in charges compared to percentage-based fees. This means you could retire earlier, go on the holiday of a lifetime or pay for your children or grandchildren to go to university. It's your choice. You are in control.


Charges that you pay to buy or sell investments:

  • 2 FREE Fund or Investment Trust trades per month* 
  • UK shares £7.99
  • Funds and Investment Trusts £3.99
  • US shares £7.99
  • Other international shares £19.99
  • Dividend reinvestment £0.99
  • Regular Investment £0.99
  • Plan price: £13.99 a month

*With each Service Plan, every month we give you free credit of £7.99 to be used against any trade. Each free credit is available for 90 days.

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