Interactive Investor

Transfer cash from your Trading Account to your SIPP

You can contribute money to your SIPP by transferring cash from your linked Trading Account.

How to transfer cash from your Trading Account to your SIPP

Any money you add to your SIPP by internal transfer will be treated as a personal net contribution. This means we will claim the basic rate of tax relief for you. 

Please make sure you have enough annual allowance remaining before you transfer. 

  • Select cash & transfers > withdraw/transfer cash from your account menu. 
  • Click on Internal Transfer
  • Select to transfer from your Trading Account to your SIPP. 
  • Then choose your chosen currency and the amount you wish to contribute. You can also change the Frequency to set up recurring payments. 
  • Tick the box to confirm you understand the conditions of your transfer. Then click Check and Preview
  • Confirm your transfer. 

What's next?

  • Internal cash transfers between linked accounts are immediate, so you should see the payment in your account straight away.
  • We will claim basic rate tax relief (20%) for you. It usually takes 6-11 weeks to receive the tax reclaim from HMRC.
  • You can claim higher-rate tax relief via your own annual tax return.