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Investment Pathway option 4:
Royal London Short Term Money Market Fund

Objective: I plan to take out all my money within the next five years 

Please note: our Investment Pathway options are intended to meet a broad objective, and are not a personal recommendation. This means we have not assessed your investing knowledge and experience, financial situation or detailed investment objectives.

Why was this fund chosen?

This fund aims to preserve the value of your investments. The fund is predominantly invested in cash and cash equivalents. At least 80% will be invested in eligible instruments such as cash, time deposits, certificates of deposit, commercial paper, floating-rate notes, and short-dated government bonds.

Details of the past performance of this fund can be found on our factsheet. The factsheet includes details on how the fund is benchmarked, and charts showing the historical price and total return of the fund over time periods up to the last 5 years.

Things to consider

The major risk is that inflation will erode the purchasing power of your investment, leaving you able to buy less in the future. Past performance is not an indicator of what may happen in future.

What is the fund charge?

The ongoing charges figure (OCF) is 0.1%. This represents some of the fees which the fund manager will take for running the fund.

IMPORTANT: The OCF does not include some other Fund Manager operating costs and charges, including Fund Manager transaction costs and performance fees. For a full breakdown of the costs and charges information about an investment, please visit the factsheet page and click on the link under ‘Documents’ to request the Cost Disclosure Document.

What is the cost of buying or selling units in the fund?

You will need to place a trade to purchase this fund.

  • If you are on our Investor or Super Investor service plan, your first trade each month is free (in the form of a trading credit).
  • Additional trades usually cost £3.99.
  • Single trades with a value over £100k cost £40 each.