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April 2024


Britain must cut stamp duty on share trading to revive flagging stock market, leading City brokers say | Daily Mail Online 06/04
UK's most popular investment as ISA deadline approaches isn't a stock or fund: it's a gilt | Evening Standard 05/04
Fundsmith Equity tops most-bought list despite ‘doghouse’ performance | CityAM  03/04
Fundsmith Equity regains top spot as ii's most-bought fund | Investment Week 03/04


Will you have to pay tax on your state pension? | The Times 06/04
The party will soon be over for baby boomers
| 05/04
Should you maximise your annual tax-free pension allowance? 
| 03/04
Triple lock means pensioners are more than £800 better off this April
| 02/04

Personal Finance

Are YOU an Isa early bird? The benefits of investing on day one every tax year | Daily Mail Online 06/04
Salary sacrifice: how British workers can take home more by getting paid less  | The Guardian 06/04
Declutter and switch bank accounts – how to spring clean your finances | 05/04
Gold or gilts: which is best for inflation protection? 
| 04/04
Should you stick major banks like Barclays and HSBC into your Isa? There are bargains for bold investors... | Daily Mail Online 02/04


I have no problem investing in China — if there’s money to be made | The Times 06/04
High interest rates blamed as house prices fall for first time in six months
| 05/04
Will the high-flying US stock market stumble if rate cuts don't arrive? INVESTING SHOW
 | Daily Mail Online 04/04
Tesla sales slump wipes $35bn off Elon Musk’s electric car giant  | 02/04
Nationwide reveals ‘subdued’ housing market despite strongest growth since mini-Budget
| 02/04
Nanoco eyes new chapter after Samsung settlement and attempted boardroom coup | This is Money 02/04


‘Can I grow my pension to £500k in 12 years with these three funds?’ | 04/04

March 2024


As 'unpatriotic' tax favours foreign firms, investment chiefs demand: Axe stamp duty on shares to save UK stock market | Daily Mail Online 31/03
Stocks and shares Isa transfer and cashback deals you can still get
| Daily Mail Online 29/03
Stocks and shares Isa switching offers: are they any good? 
| Which? News 28/03
Britain's top-rated funds – as picked by analysts | 27/03
AJ Bell to slash investing fees and boost savings interest from 1 April - how does it compare to its rivals? | Daily Mail Online 27/03
Revealed: UK’s biggest ISAs stand at more than £11.6 million each
 | Moneyweek 26/03
Late surge of investment into VCTs as tax year deadline looms |  29/03
Best stocks & shares Isas: Pick the right investment account  | This is Money
Scrap stamp duty on shares, says investing giant Interactive Investor  | This is Money
The best stocks and shares ISAs for investors' | Investors' Chronicle
ISAS: the nation's tax-free favourite turns 25 |
How to make the most of new ISA rules  | Which? News 14/03
Sorry Ernie, I'm ditching NS&I. It's all about the ISA now | The Times 13/03
Should I buy new or existing gilts?  |  07/03
Scrapping 'pernicious' tax on buying shares would help revive Britain's flailing stock market | Daily Mail Online 10/03
Growth funds dominate in February as Jupiter India and Scottish Mortgage rank most popular | 05/03
I'm an investor and I'm backing the British Isa's extra £5,000 tax-free | Daily Mail Online 07/03
Do we really need another Isa allowance?| 06/03
Interactive Investor: The myth of the ‘typical’ female retail investor | Portfolio Advisor 07/03
Interactive Investor: Growth funds favoured in February led by Jupiter India | Portfolio Advisor 05/03


So what age will YOU get a pension? After Waspi debacle, here's what you need to know to avoid being left with a gaping hole in your finances | Daily Mail Online 29/03
I work 60 hours a week and still can't retire until 80 - I'm terrified over my lack of pension and feel like a failure
 | The Sun 28/03
More than 70% relying on state pension as gold-plated schemes decline 
 |  26/03
Saving for retirement: ISAs vs. SIPPs 
| Moneyweek 26/03
5 ways to close the gender pension gap   | Moneyweek 08/03
Use your tax-free ISA to boost your retirement | The Times
How increasing pension contributions boosts your child benefit  | Moneyweek
Pension freedom a decade on: what have you done with yours? | The Times
Women still have 48% less in their pensions than men by age of 45 | 08/03
180,000 families may lose £3k child benefit and get less state pension - will you? | 08/03
'It's already not enough': The people fearing end to state pension | 01/03

Personal Finance

I keep their Junior Isa secret — so they don’t blow it in Ibiza | The Times 30/03
Where experts are investing their Isa - and the most popular funds revealed | Daily Mail Online 27/03
Isa vs pension: Which one should you invest in? 
| Daily Mail Online 27/03
Who owns the junior ISA? How to protect your child’s money from unexpected life events
| Moneyweek 26/03
Budget 2024: Child benefit to be paid to more families   | Moneyweek 06/03
Spring Budget 2024: How does National Insurance cut impact you? | CityAm 06/03
Revealed: Exactly how much Chancellor's stealth tax raid will cost YOUR family (no matter what Jeremy Hunt says tomorrow) | Daily Mail Online 05/03
Two million set for 'stealth tax' rise in next year without Budget help | 01/03
Smart Ways to use your ISA
Investors' Chronicle  14/03
How to build up a stocks and shares ISA at any stage of your life
| Daily Mail online 16/04
How many funds is too many in the ideal investment portfolio?
| 14/03
How can you make your ISA investments greener
How to get 4.6pc on your savings (without worrying about tax) 
Consider a Bed and ISA now - the investing trick to beat a tax raid
| Daily Mail Online 19/04
How to invest in an ISA to deliver income of £10000 a year TAX-FREE | Daily Mail Online 20/04
Want to get rich? How an ISA makes it a piece of cake - and why tax-free saving is about to get much better | This is Money 20/03
Is it best to keep a Junior ISA secret until your child turns 18? This is Money 22/03
Student loan repayments explained (and why clearing the debt could be a bad idea)  | 22/03


Ocado Retail sales soar as customer numbers nudge beyond 1million | Daily Mail Online 26/03
What Nationwide’s swoop for Virgin Money will mean for you   | The Independent 07/03
Nigel Farage warns debanking row with NatWest is 'far from over' | Daily Mail Online 06/03
Spirent shares jump 60% as it accepts £1bn bid from US rival Viavi | Spirent Communications | The Guardian 05/03
Mondi strikes £5.1bn deal to buy rival packaging giant DS Smith |  Daily Mail Online 08/03
US jobless rate rises to two-year high while wage growth slows – as it happened | Business | The Guardian 08/03
Entain says gambling regulations will hit 2024 earnings | Daily Mail Online 07/03
Legal & General profits dive despite surge in bulk annuity deals |  Daily Mail Online 06/03
Older investors target growth and technology | The Times

FTSE 100 surges amid hopes for interest rate cuts | 12/03
Berkeley Group 'weathers the storm' as homebuyers consider a return | Daily Mail Online 15/03
House market in south and east stays 'challenging' warns Persimmon | Evening Standard 12/03
Zara owner Inditex's profits soar as it fends off Shein challenge | Evening Standard 13/03
What is the UK inflation rate 2024 and what does it mean for you? | Times Money Mentor The Times  20/03
Marmite maker Unilever to cut 7500 jobs under £14m CEO's shake-up | Evening Standard 19/03
Granolas, 11 stocks which - Goldman Sachs says - can take on the Magnificent Seven | Daily Mail Online 25/03
Next says shoppers are 'investment dressing' - spending more on better clothes  | This is Money 21/02


We must axe stamp duty on shares to revive the UK market: says Interactive Investor boss RICHARD WILSON| This is Money 31/03
'We are retired with a joint income of £100,000 – should we diversify our portfolio?' 28/03
The Notebook: When will the Bank of England begin cutting interest rates?   | CityAM 06/03
'I've got 40pc of my portfolio in just two stocks. What should I do?' | 10/03
The Notebook: Metro Bank's cost-cutting drive spells trouble for challengers
| CityAM 19/03
I'm ready to enjoy retirement - how can I maximise my £46,000?  | 21/03

February 2024

How to get £5,000 by switching investment platform – but time is running out   | 05/02 
Investing platforms Hargreaves Lansdown and II offer up to £5k to transfer  | Daily Mail Online 06/02
Platform fees' huge impact on customer Isas revealed  | Money Marketing 23/02
Direct investment platforms: Sales drop off as new competitor surges into the field | 22/02
Hargreaves Lansdown: a former upstart targeted by new digital rivals | 20/02
Hargreaves Lansdown – what are the fees, is it worth it, and how it compares with AJ Bell     | 19/02
Your guide to investing in the US stock market | 03/02
Barclays Smart Investor scraps £4 minimum monthly fee and fund dealing charges  | Daily Mail Online 07/02
Barclays Smart Investor scraps £4 minimum monthly fee - how does it compare to its rivals?      | MoneyWeek 03/02
Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor unlock new gilt issues for DIY investors | This is Money 26/02
Have you got the cheapest Isa? A guide to the fees and charges  | 17/02
'I'm investing £3,000 a month – can I retire at 50?' | Investors' Chronicle 16/02
Freetrade launches £2,100 free share offer for Isa and Sipp transfers     | Daily Mail Online 28/02

'Comfortable retirement' costs rise by £4,500 a year - Investors' Chronicle | 07/02
Pensioners will need £8,000 more than last year to have a modest retirement | 07/02
Couples now need an astonishing £59,000 for a comfortable retirement - so is YOUR pension pot on track? | Daily Mail Online 07/02 
Pension savings could be boosted by £720 a year thanks to vital tax relief: ‘Keep an eye out!’ | 07/02 
How to claim higher rate tax relief on pension contributions in the UK   | Times Money Mentor 11/02
How to pay less for your pension: Providers and fees to know about  | 10/02
What you get on maternity leave – and how to land extra company perks  | 10/02
We must do something now to avoid a pension crisis  | The Times 11/02
Singletons need £187k more in their pension than couples for modest retirement   | 14/02
Single people need almost £200,000 more in their pension than couples for 'comfortable' retirement | Daily Mail Online 14/02
Women need to work an extra 19 years to close gender pension gap  | Which? News 15/02
Britons risk falling £600,000 short of a comfortable retirement  | 17/02
Why you need a £1 million pension for a comfortable retirement | MoneyWeek 21/02
The 'investment pathways' that could drain your pension | Which? News 31/01

Personal Finance

Interest rates won't fall due to 4% inflation, says Bank boss | BBC News 14/02
As the Isa deadline approaches, it’s time to do your homework  | The Guardian 05/02
UK retail investors rush back into global equities  | 07/02
‘Bed and Isa’ requests soar as CGT and dividend allowance cuts loom | 08/02
The true cost of Sunak’s stealth tax raid on middle class families | 10/02
How a Bed & Isa can protect you from a looming tax raid | Daily Mail Online 13/02
Isa investors eye overlooked UK stocks and tech | 16/02

The compound investment 'tipping point': When do your returns double what you put in? | This is Money 02/02
As the Isa deadline approaches, it’s time to do your homework | Isas | The Guardian 05/02 

‘Do Scottish Mortgage and Smithson belong in my £360,000 retirement fund?’ | 01/02

Victoria Scholar Columns

Victoria Scholar: The economic clouds are parting - for housebuilders, at least| 08/02
‘We’re both retirees – how can we invest £570k to pay for our holidays?’| 08/02
‘My adviser of 20 years manages my £1.3m portfolio for 1pc – am I paying too much?’| 22/02
'I'm 60 and want to retire. Will my £500,000 be enough?'| 29/02
‘We’re both retirees – how can we invest £570k to pay for our holidays?’| 08/02

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