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What has happened to my Wellesley service?

  • In July 2020, The Share Centre became part of interactive investor (ii).
  • As part of combining our businesses we asked holders of Wellesley Property Bonds for your agreement to move these, and any money left in your Wellesley dedicated Share and/or ISA account to the ii platform.
  • That move took place over the weekend of 27 and 28 November 2021.
  • Your Bonds and money are now held securely in your interactive investor account. We expected the final capital repayment under the terms of the Wellesley Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) was due to be paid into this account early January 2022. However, due to a change to processing timescales by Wellesley, this has now been amended with a first payment due after 21 April 2022 and a secondary payment due after 18 May 2022. These 2 payments have now been applied to your client account. The Wellesley Bonds will remain on your account until such time that confirmation is received then no further payments are due to be made. Please rest assured, until confirmation of complete distribution is received you will not pay any fees for your ii account. For further information on the full announcement regarding payments due please see the latest LSE notice or view the corporate action notification applied to your account.

Questions and answers

If you have other questions

We are unable to answer questions about the Wellesley Finance Limited CVA. Please visit Wellesley’s investor support website for those. For questions about your service with ii, please check:

If you still have questions the easiest way to contact us is by logging in to your new account with us and sending a secure message.