Interactive Investor

Latest updates

  • The Share Centre is combining with interactive investor (ii) for an even better investment service for you. 
  • So you can benefit, we are asking for your agreement to move to the ii platform.
  • Please complete and return the form we posted to you by 20 October 2021 to let us know if you do agree or want to opt out. If we do not hear from you by then we may need to go ahead and move you to the ii platform.

Understanding your new service

You can explore the information available on the rest of this page to help you understand your new service.
There are three areas that you may find of particular help.

Questions and answers

Answers to some of the questions we think you might have at this stage, organised by subject for easy reference.

Useful documents

Including the ii Terms of Service and privacy policy that will apply to you after the move.

About ii

Information about ii, including key facts, costs and charges, investments and services and market news and tips.

  • As you get to know your new service, you will pay no monthly service plan fee to ii for the first six months after your move. Terms apply.

What to expect: your step by step guide

NowYou inform us whether you agree to the move or opt out.
A few weeks before the moveIf you agreed to the move, we write again to confirm the date for it. We will keep you fully updated on each step, including how you can set up your secure access easily before the move.
Towards the end of 2021Your money and investments move to your new account on the ii platform.  If you opt out of the move you will need to have made other arrangements for your money and investments by now.
After the moveYou are now managing your money and investments on the ii platform and can enjoy the benefits of your new service.

Until your money and investments move please continue using your service with The Share Centre as usual.

Getting ready: what you can do now

There are some actions you can take now in the settings section of ‘My Account’ on The Share Centre platform that will help smooth the way for your future service as part of ii.

1. Add a mobile phone number

If you have not already given us one. Your mobile phone number is used to help verify your identity if you need to reset your password on the ii platform and do not want to have to call the customer service team to do so.

2. Check your email address

To make sure that you do not miss any communication from The Share Centre, check that we have got an up-to-date email address for you, and that it is personal to you. If you use a shared email address – on a joint account for example – this will only work for one person on the ii platform, so you will need to arrange personal ones for the future.

3. Review your preferences

If you have told us you prefer to be contacted by post, we will continue to contact you that way, but choosing email over paper for the future means that, as we move ahead with combining The Share Centre with ii, you will receive important updates as quickly as possible.