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Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity

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Why we recommend it

We are adding the Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity fund as a high conviction option on the ACE 40 fund list. The fund is managed by Dhananjay Phadnis who has worked at Fidelity since 2004 and has managed this fund since 2013. Support is provided by an extensive 62-member Asia –Pacific ex-Japan analyst team.

The manager favours quality firms run by strong management teams that can demonstrate consistent value creation and potential for ESG practice improvement. In addition to focusing on competitive advantages attention is also paid to valuations. The core of the portfolio will show quality growth characteristics but there will also be exposure to turnaround situations where a catalyst is evident.

The fund has an ESG-focused mandate, focusing on companies with higher probabilities of driving positive ESG outcomes and low ESG risk exposure. In addition, the portfolio has a higher than the benchmark exposure to carbon solutions, at 17.2%. 

Sector and country weightings tend to stay well within 10 percentage points of the index. Overall, there is a slight bias to growth versus the MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan Index and sectors such as IT and financials tend to be favoured.Our positive view of the fund is based upon the experienced and savvy lead manager, the well-resourced analyst team, and a highly robust investment process.

Ethical criteria

ii ACE sustainable style: Considers. This means the trust carefully considers an often wide range of ethical and/ or environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues or themes when balancing positive and negative factors.

Fund EcoMarket category: ESG Plus. This relates to funds that have a strong ESG strategy plus SRI/ethical/stewardship-related activity..

How the fund is managed: A formal sustainability mandate was adopted here in 2021, but this was largely a formalisation of the existing process. The investment process starts with hard exclusions, which contains firms with material exposure to weapons, tobacco, coal miners, and oil and gas extraction, as well as companies deemed to have "deteriorating" ESG momentum.

Information and data compiled to October 2023.

Risk warnings

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