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Information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Security Enhancements. 

Contact details

If I give you my mobile number, am I going to receive cold or marketing calls?

No – we will only ever send you marketing information if you have given us explicit permission to do so.

What happens if I don't provide a mobile phone number before the SMS telephone authentication goes live?

It could take longer for you to pass security when you speak to one of our customer service representatives over the phone, and you may not be able to access some of our services. 

I don't want to give you a mobile phone number. How can I access my account over the phone?

You can continue to provide three random characters from your password, however, this option may not be available in the future. To avoid disruption to your service, you will need to have a mobile phone number registered to your account.

Why are you changing the way you pass security over the phone?

We are making enhancements to our authentication process to make things easier for you to access, and safer for you to use.

Can I receive SMS codes if I'm abroad?

Yes. You will be able to receive SMS codes abroad, subject to your network provider and phone settings. 

Account linking

Do I have to link my accounts?

We strongly recommend that you do, as it helps us to identify you quicker and provides greater account security.  Don’t forget, linking your accounts will give you quicker access to your investments and allow you to save money.

How will I know what user name to log in with?

When you go to log in via our website, please do so with the account you would like to use as your Primary account. Your ‘Primary’ account will become the one username and password you will use to view all your accounts under one overview.

For example, if you want to always log in using your Trading account username and password, then please make sure to log in with these credentials when you go through the linking process.

Can I link my account to my partner's account?

No, you can only link accounts in your own individual name.

Can I spread the trading credits between the linked accounts?

Yes, you can. You can use your non-refundable trading credits across all your accounts as you wish.

What do I do if I’ve discovered I have more than one account, but I do not use it?

If you have realised you have an account that you do not use, you can close it by logging in and going to ‘close account’ from the ‘account’ menu.

Password changes for account tasks

Will I need to continue using a dealing password to place an order, carry out an FX transaction, make online withdrawals or complete online account-to-account transfers?

No. We have strengthened the security for the key information we hold on your account, so we are removing the need to use a dealing password. This allows us to provide you with a trading experience that is quicker and easier to use.

I need to set up a nominated bank account. How will you verify my details without a dealing password?

An SMS code will be sent to the mobile phone number registered on your account. Type the code into the relevant box on screen to verify that you are the person submitting the request.

I want to update my contact details. Will you verify my details in the same way as my nominated bank account?

Yes. When you go to update your contact details, you will be asked to enter an SMS code to verify you are the person submitting the request. This ensures your account stays as safe as possible.

If you have a new mobile, and it is different to the one we have on record, please make sure you are in possession of the old number when going through the verification process. This will ensure there are no delays to updating your details. Please call us if you encounter any issues. 

Currently, I recover my username via email and my password via SMS. Will this remain the same?

No. To recover your username we will send you a reminder of what it is via SMS. Please make sure you know the last four digits of your mobile phone number when you request a reminder of your username.

Passwords will now be recovered using a link that will be sent to the email address registered on your account. Please make sure the email address you have on record is valid.

I don’t have a mobile phone number. How do I access these services?

You will need to speak to our Customer Services team, who will be ready to help. Call us on 0345 607 6001 between 7:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday.