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Two factor authentication is coming.

Introducing two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication introduces the “something you have” element to your login journey along with “something you know.” For you, this will be your username and password. 

If you have a valid mobile number registered to your account, you will be automatically enrolled. 

By adding the requirement of “something you have” to the login process, we are adding an extra layer of security to your account.

Step one

Enter your username and password.

Step two

Once you have confirmed your username and password, you will see the following screen. We will send an SMS message to your mobile number containing a 6-digit code. The message may take a few moments to arrive, so please wait to receive it.

Step three

Once you’ve successfully entered your 6-digit code and clicked to continue, you will see the screen below and then be taken to your ii account.

For frequently asked questions about two-factor authentication, please visit our FAQs page.