Interactive Investor

Join shareholder meetings online  

Forget stuffy boardrooms and long commutes. We're bringing the companies you're invested in straight to you, remotely. 


We have partnered with Investor Meet Company (IMC). A free service for interactive investor clients to:

  • Have front-row access: watch live or on-demand presentations on your device on financial results, capital markets, and more
  • Engage in real-time conversations: join discussions and virtual AGMs, no matter where you are
  • Make your voice heard: Give feedback to management, use the Q&A function to ask questions ahead of the event and in real-time
  • Follow your interests: watch the library of past streamed meetings of the companies you care about

Investor Meet Company puts you at the heart of the action, ensuring your voice shapes the future of the companies you believe in. Learn more about this partnership with Investor Meet Company and how to register below. 

Invest with clarity and confidence

  • Investor meetings in one place
  • No need to travel
  • Open to all investors
  • Free to access

  • Ask your questions
  • Give your feedback
  • On-Demand 24/7
  • Informed investment decisions

Statement from Investor Meet Company: 

We created the Investor Meet Company platform in direct response to the challenges faced by individual  investors and companies wanting to meet and engage with the companies they are invested in.

Our aim to directly connect any individual investor to any UK listed company, providing them the same access to management as institutional investors, allowing them to better understand the companies they invest in, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are geographically located.

Through our partnership with interactive investor we want to empower investors to make more informed decisions and invest with clarity and confidence.

This is a view-only service. You will not be able to physically attend or vote through Investor Meet Company. Information on voting and attending meetings in person can be found on the AGMs and Shareholder Voting page.