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LF Lindsell Train UK Equity

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Formal review concluded. This Super 60 Fund is retained. Find out more

Asset Group Asset Sub-Group Investment Category
Equities UK equities Core

Selection rationale:
Managed by seasoned and talented UK equity manager Nick Train, this fund (and fund manager) is a firm investor favourite.

Train stresses that he cares more about maintaining or growing the real value of investors’ capital and income over time than outperforming a stock market index.

The investment process used by Train across all of his funds is based on his conviction that inefficiencies exist in the valuation of exceptional quoted companies. These are the businesses he focuses on, seeking out durable, cash-generative franchises that he can invest in.

He finds the majority of his candidate investments in a select group of broad industry categories – consumer branded goods, media, pharmaceuticals and retail financial services. His portfolios are normally concentrated into a reasonably small number of companies and turnover is kept to a minimum.

Given the stellar run for many of his portfolio companies, investors should be prepared to hold this fund for the long term.

The fund won Money Observer’s Best Larger UK Growth Fund award in 2015 and has been a Rated Fund with Money Observer since 2016

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Formal review concluded

The LF Lindsell Train UK Equity fund is included in the ii Super 60 list of rated funds as a core holding in the UK equity category.

In line with our stated methodology, Lindsell Train UK Equity was put under formal review on 29 November 2019 after being downgraded by two independent external agencies. Given its highly concentrated nature, we wanted to reassure ourselves that there had been no deterioration in liquidity.

The interactive investor selection team conducted extensive analysis on the liquidity, capacity and concentration of Lindsell Train UK Equity, and spoke to the fund manager at length. The key outcome is that our investment selection committee is comfortable with the liquidity of the fund, it has been removed from being under formal review, and it will remain on our Super 60 list. The majority of the holdings are large, liquid companies with diversified revenue streams. In terms of capacity, there is plenty of room for further growth without compromising the mandate. The fund has always had a concentrated, high conviction approach but has a low turnover and long-term successful track record.

(19 January 2020)

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Formal review concluded. This Super 60 Fund is retained. Find out more